Recent Releases

0.723 May 2020 10:31 minor bugfix: Works now with Unity in Ubuntu 20.04
0.601 Oct 2019 14:13 minor bugfix: Works now with Unity in Ubuntu 19.10, added English (United Kingdom), French (France), Hebrew, Turkish, Ukrainian translations
0.0505 Apr 2015 16:29 minor bugfix: Added a workaround to prevent /.local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite-wal from growing too much. Added Dutch translations.
0.04-203 Dec 2014 10:12 minor bugfix: Fixed bug with some messages didn't use translations. Show error if running with Unity v7. Added Norwegian Bokmal translation, updated other translations
0.04-113 Nov 2014 17:24 minor feature: Added Finnish, French (Canada) translations, updated other translations
0.0418 Oct 2014 19:35 major feature: Added new items: "Show desktop icons", "Use default wallpaper", "Use Ubuntu GeoIP service", "Store HUD usage data", "Clear Alt-F2 history", "Clear thumbnail cache", "Clear libdvdcss key cache", "Clear GVFS metadata". Added Azerbaijani, Galician, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian translations
0.0314 Aug 2014 14:47 minor feature: