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4.6.425 Mar 2024 13:55 minor bugfix: BUGFIX: Correctly adjust "Add New torrent" dialog position in all the cases (glassez) BUGFIX: Change "metadata received" stop condition behavior (glassez) BUGFIX: Add a small delay before processing the key input of search boxes (Chocobo1) BUGFIX: Ensure the profile path is pointing to a directory (Chocobo1) RSS: Use better icons for RSS articles (glassez) WINDOWS: NSIS: Update French, Hungarian translations (MarcDrieu, foxi69) LINUX: Fix sorting when ICU isn't used (Chocobo1) LINUX: Fix invisible tray icon on Plasma 6 (tehcneko)
4.6.317 Jan 2024 11:05 minor bugfix: . qBittorrent v4.6.3 was released.. Keep an eye out for an alpha release of qBittorrent 5.0.0 sometime this week or the next one. . Library versions. . . . Library. Version. . . . . libtorrent. 1.2.19+git359ef9045c / 2.0.9+git18f821ea1a. . . Qt. 6.4.3 (Windows, macOS) / 6.6.1 (AppImage). . . Boost. 1.83. . . . . v4.6.3 changelog:. . : Correctly update number of filtered items (glassez). : Don't forget to store Stop condition value (glassez). : Show correctly decoded filename in log (glassez). : Specify a locale if none is set (Chocobo1). : Apply inactive seeding time limit set on new torrents (glassez). : Show URL seeds for torrents that have no metadata (glassez). : Don't get stuck loading on mismatched info-hashes in resume data (glassez). .
4.6.218 Dec 2023 11:03 minor bugfix: BUGFIX: Do not apply share limit if the previous one was applied (glassez) BUGFIX: Show Add new torrent dialog on main window screen (glassez) WEBUI: Fix JS memory leak (brvphoenix) WEBUI: Disable stdout buffering for qbt-nox (Chocobo1) WINDOWS: NSIS: Display correct Minimum Windows OS requirement (xavier2k6) WINDOWS: NSIS: Add Hebrew translation (avivmu) LINUX: WAYLAND: Fix parent widget of "Lock qBittorrent" submenu (Vlad Zahorodnii)
4.5.426 Jun 2023 00:58 minor feature: Jun 2022 22:19 minor feature:
4.2.528 Apr 2020 00:45 minor feature: NSIS: Update german translation . Add ability to send custom HTTP headers. . Suppress misleading warning message. . crash when torrent is deleted on limit reached. . WebAPI: Expand RSS related API. . WebAPI: Change delimiter from string to char in preferences API. . Register datatype properly. . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Bump Web API version. . Update Changelog. . Bump to 4.2.5.
4.2.423 Apr 2020 22:25 minor feature: Improve logging for errors . mismatch ID. . Remove redundant type attribute. . sub-sorting of Transfer list. . Avoid holding entire file in memory. . Clean up coding style. . wrong logic that disables "prevent sleeping" timer. . Set disk cache size for older libtorrent versions. . Sort locale language list. . Avoid inefficient behavior. . Remove white outline around mascot.png. . outgoing interface is not getting assigned. . Save "resume data" when torrent storage is moved. . Detect python3 executable on Windows. . Avoid holding encoded resume data in memory. . Suppress unused variable warning on macOS. . header inclusion order. . Preallocate output buffer. . unable to add multiple peers in WebUI. . date format for "Last seen complete". . Remove deprecated strict super seeding mode from advanced settings. . Do not use or :: for outgoing interfaces. . Change default stop_tracker_timeout settings. . Convert the Log widget to use custom View/Model. . Split TorrentHandle interface and implementation. . TravisCI: Use libtorrent with deprecated functions disabled for Linux . . Use static_cast for explicit type conversions. . Add final specifier to classes. . Change default upload slot choking limits. . Reduce padding in structure. . Move initialization default values to header. . Reduce padding in class. . Add final specifier to GUI classes. . Update Info.plist. . Make a few cosmetic changes in code. . Don't uncheck Authentication checkbox when changing proxy type. . Reduce ambiguity for selecting icons. . WebUI: UPnP lease duration get/set. . Use configured net interface even when it is missing. . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Update Changelog. . Bump to 4.2.4.
4.2.303 Apr 2020 14:05 minor feature: Allow to translate error messages . Construct QString more efficiently. . Don't round scaling factor. . Rely on Qt ownership to free resources. . NSIS: Update Finnish translation. . NSIS: Update Japanese translation. . NSIS: Update Turkish translation. . Include translation resources with file globbing. . Rename variable. . Save log file in UTF-8 encoding. . Avoid log file excessive flushing. . NSIS: Update Russian translation. . Add logging for SOCKS5 proxy errors. . Initialize struct variables. . Add alt and title tags for WebUI footer. . Add UPnP lease duration advanced option. . regression when fastresume contains network path. . broken UNC paths in fastresumes on Windows. . Prevent multiple instances for the same app config. . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . unexpected torrent resume after app restart. . Update Changelog. . Bump to 4.2.3.
4.2.226 Mar 2020 00:25 minor feature: Update Linux appdata release version . . . Disable Torrent Queue by default. . Replace a series of `if()` by `switch()`. . Simplify null pointer check. . Replace hard-coded numbers in TrackerFiltersList class. . Update free disk space label on Category change in Auto Mode. . Allow transfer list text color changes through QSS. . Use modern unique_ptr practices. . Option to show console when external program is run. . Delete unnecessary explicit return. . Rename Country column to "Country / Region". . Change some settings defaults for better behaviour out of the box. . WebUI: Implement "Secure" flag for session cookie. . WebUI: remove unused/deprecated option. . WebUI: Prevent excessive sync requests. . Migrate away from deprecated API in Qt 5.14. . Remove unused variable. . transfer list architecture. . Use QStyledItemDelegate instead of QItemDelegate. . WebUI: populating statistics window. . Save resume data after recheck. . Allow double-click in preview dialog. . Tracker is errored only if all local endpoints fail. . Remove duplicate line. . Add explicit semicolon. . Remove unused variable. . Expose stop_tracker_timeout in advanced settings. . Change placement of stop tracker timeout. . Bump copyright year. . Bump python version for new installation. . missing string. . Transfer list sorting. . WebUI: first row renaming in files tab. . Add piece_extent_affinity to AdvancedSettings. . WebUI: Use correct operators in logical expressions. . CMake: Remove additional deging compiler flags. . Migrate away from deprecated settings. . Reorganize UI theme selection. . CMake: Remove duplicate MSVC check. . CMake: Remove glibc version detection. . CMake: WebUI checks. . Redesign torrent startup handling. . Show " " instead of " -1" in Preferences. . hide zero values. . Track settings changed event in TransferListModel. . Use faster hash function. . Revise qHash function. . Use systematic approach to generate hash. . Show any mu
4.2.118 Dec 2019 20:25 minor feature: Expand single-item folders in torrent content . stuck in wrong torrent state. . Show torrent error message in transfer list. . inconsistent icon for deleting torrent. . Update russian.nsi. . missing translations in search plugins dialog. . HTML elements size in search tab. . incorrect translation displayed after language change. . Remove -march=native optimisation. . Mention lack of HTTPS in WebUI magnet link warning. . incorrect function being used. . Add ability to rename torrent files from the WebUI. . quoting of alert() in client.js. . Enable "Apply rate limit to peers on LAN" option by default. . Rework the listening IP/interface selection code. . Align Properties tab bar correctly on window resize. . Enable portable mode if "profile" directory exists. . Use the incomplete folder where appropriate. . Don't unnecessarily delete OS files in folders. . Bump Web API version. . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Update Changelog. . Bump to 4.2.1.
4.2.004 Dec 2019 16:25 minor feature: Support exclusions in WebUI table filters . Increase WebUI window heights. . Sort torrent names case-insensitively in webui. . CMake: Windows build. . . . . . . . Use a randomized port number for the first run. . Let OS assign listening port. . Remove redundant margin properties. . Clean up TransferListModel class. . . . Replace QString::split() by faster alternatives. . Revise operations in TorrentHandle class. . Simplify code. . Revise sort model and delegate code. . . . . . Update python installer URL. . Update user agent string. . Enable Super Seeding mode once ratio/time limit is reached. . . . . . . . Simplify function implementation. . Remove html tags from inline page. . Rename WebUI toolbar files. . Rename WebUI content files. . Move WebUI views into separate folder. . Don't save preferences until all options are processed. . Allow to refresh RSS item(s) via WebAPI. . . . . . . . . . translation. . . Cache and reuse detected MIME type. . Add const to class function. . . . Update Changelog. . Bump to 4.2.0alpha1. . Implement proper equal operators. . Remove duplicate log line. . . . Better on-demand reloading of torrent data. . Remove explicit conversion to QVariant. . using out-of-bounds of indexes. . Speed up lookup operation in TransferListModel. . Extract WebUI localStorage access into class. . . . Use FileSystemPathEdit in automated rss downloader. . Handle invalid time activity properly. . Simplify code. . Improve embedded tracker. . . . . . . . Update Changelog. . Clean up PeerListWidget class. . Avoid unecessary copying the parameter. . wrong "added on" date. . Simplify code. . Clean up loadTorrentResumeData(). . . . . . Initialize pointers. . . Cut down number of signal emits. . Use Q_ASSERT() to check invariants. . Move "Check for program updates" checkbox out of Advanced settings. . . . Clean up Application class constructor. . Setup pixmap cache in a proper place. . . . . Nov 2019 06:45 minor feature: screen scaling factor calculation . . . Update Changelog. . Bump to
4.1.827 Sep 2019 15:25 minor feature: Allow to refresh RSS item(s) via WebAPI . . . translation. . . Always save info dict when saving fastresume. . . . Remove redundant HTML escaping. . Escape HTML in comment field. . . . filename validation on non-Windows OS. . Treat.magnet file extension as case insensitive. . seeding failed after creating a new torrent. . Update Changelog. . Bump to 4.1.8.
4.1.705 Aug 2019 12:05 minor feature: '+' char not decoded to space correctly. . Refactor HTTP query parsing. . Don't turn screen blank when to system tray. . Download RSS enclosure element if no proper MIME type is found. . Change the speed unit from Bytes/s to KiB/s. . Change "Add new torrent" dialog to horizontal layout. . Add 12 hour and 24 hour speed graphs. . Change number of time axis divisions from 5 to 6 for convenience. . assertion fail. . typos. . . . sequential downloading when redirected. . wrong comparison result. . . . . . Disable "Upload mode" when start preloaded torrent. . Perform more RSS parsing in working thread. . Ignore RSS articles with non-unique identifiers. . . . Remove redundant disconnect(). . unable to control add torrent dialogs when opened simultaneously. . Move renameSelectedFile(BitTorrent::TorrentHandle *). . Move renameSelectedFile(BitTorrent::TorrentInfo ). . unable to rename folder on Windows. . Focus behavior row in Options dialog. . Properly remove empty leftover folders after rename. . Don't remove parent directories. . Log save_resume_data_failed_alert. . updated save path not saved for paused torrents. . Reorder if conditions slightly. . . . Improve handleFileErrorAlert error message. . Set wheel event to accepted only if we handle it. . crash when removing phantom tags. . . . WebUI encoding of special characters. . . . Remove upper limit of "Disk cache" setting. . Remove limits of "Disk cache expiry interval" setting. . . . Drop suspiciously large data. . Restrict QLocalServer access. . torrent properties not saved for paused torrents. . Use proper log message when there are no error. . . . torrent checking. Avoid race conditions when adding torrent. . Ignore some actions on uninitialized torrents. . Don't break torrent checking. . . . Prevent command injection via "Run external program" function. . . . requested torrent resume data handling. . Save updated resume data for completed torrents. . . . incomp
4.1.607 May 2019 06:45 minor feature: TravisCI build on macOS . TravisCI build on macOS again. . Separate URL components before percent-decoding. . . . Force recheck multiple torrents one by one. . . . Prevent login credential appearing in URL. . Display warning when Javascript is disabled. . wrong arg placeholder. . . . Mention more translators. . Draw progress bar in Fusion style on macOS systems. . Cleanup Info.plist. . Update copyright year. . Don't query Google for tracker favicons. . Linux/Wayland: make window title bar icon work. . Make num enter key work the same as return in searchjobwidget. . . . Use reverse DNS convention for metadata files naming. . Update.appdata descriptions. . Correctly handle '+' sign in x-www-form-urlencoded data. . Work around the crash occurred in QTimer. . . . Increase the download size limit to 100 MiB. . Show user friendly size in error. . . . Remove connections immediately. . Use QSet for tracking server connections. . unsafe type narrowing. . . . "Create subfolder" option is not working in WebUI. . . . Disable downloading tracker favicons by default. . Initialize class variable via constructor. . . . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate/ . Update Changelog. . Bump to 4.1.6.
4.1.526 Dec 2018 01:25 minor feature: Implement proper C++11 mode detection . Show icon in WebUI sorted column. . Add option for WebUI Host header validation. . Put WebUI security related options into a groupbox. . Add SameSite attribute to WebUI session cookie. . missing words in WebUI. . WebUI on override of Start Download option. . Only instantiate SearchPluginManager as needed. . Show ellipsis when WebUI sidebar is too narrow. . Allow WebUI sidebar to be collapsed. . signed/unsigned integers comparison warning. . Save torrents queue in separate file. . Clean up code. . strings not translated. . weekday names translations. . wrong locale used in log message. . Autotools: Improve handling of C++ mode. . Autotools: Print Boost LDFLAGS nicer. . Autotools: Replace CPPFLAGS with CXXFLAGS. . Use QHostAddress for storing IP. . Use ip parameter from tracker request if provided. . typo. . Save option to start minimized in Mac. . coding style for various things. . Convert all foreach() to range-based for(). . Combine qAsConst() with copyAsConst() to asConst(). . Add checking_mem_usage option to AdvancedSettings. . Reorder WebUI options to match GUI. . Replace WebUI Options -width labels. . Add WebUI Random port button and proxy unencrypted password notice. . Add speed limit icons to WebUI Speed options. . Replace all line breaks and legend code style. . Add WebUI Auto TMM options. . Add "When adding a torrent" options. . Hide WebUI text input for custom monitor save locations. . Show list of categories on WebUI download page. . Set WebUI download options using set preferences. . Add email "From" option. . Add "Apply rate limit to peers on LAN" option. . Add "Use alternative Web UI" option. . Add slow torrent options. . Disallow setting a blank alternative WebUI location. . JavaScript error. . Add ability to pass urls to the webui download page. . Simplify implementation. . Allow tables to be added without a parent panel. . Add Search tab to WebUI. . Fetch data les
4.1.419 Nov 2018 10:25 minor feature: Reformat python code to be compliant with PEP8 . Reword the warning message. . Replace magic number with system define. . Remove unused variable. . Make strings actually translatable. . Move python related functions. . asking to install Python. . Update Python URLs. . Add include guard to headers. . Avoid variable shadowing. . Remove default parameter in derived function. . Update uncrustify.cfg. . Translate WebUI torrents Status column. . Add locale to js file path. . minor JavaScript defects. . Use a more detailed alert mask where possible. . Allow to disable downloading REPACK/PROPER matches. . Clear LineEdit on ESC. . Add SMB2 magic number. . Add FileSystemWatcher log messages. . Allow to disable speed graphs. . Add categories WebAPI. . Create WebUI translation update tool. . Use independent translation for WebUI. . Don't recheck just checked torrent. . Reduce horizontal graphs resolution. . Add isNetworkFileSystem() detection on Windows. . Simplify #if conditions. . cmake: restore out-of-source build. . WebUI Auto TMM context menu. TravisCI cmake build on macOS. . Instantiate SearchPluginManager with other application components. . Add WebUI search API controller. . Recognize *.ts files as previewable. . Bump WebAPI version. . indentation in . Catch invalid values. . Add free disk space to WebUI status bar. . Use QElapsedTimer. . Consider empty locale setting as not set. . Alternative Web UI to be available. . Improve scaling of speed graphs. . MSVC warning C4804. . defects found by . wrong type passed to arg(). . Improve parser for search engine versions.txt. . Restore torrent in two steps. . Improve force recheck of paused torrent. . Don't update torrent status unnecessarily. . Handle downloading.torrent file as success. . speed graph "high speeds". Remove speed limit checkbox in Options dialog. . Clean up SpeedLimitDialog class. . cmake: use C++14 when available. . Don't double delete
4.1.319 Sep 2018 11:05 minor feature: regression that broke installing desktop file . Remove GuiIconProvider::generateDifferentSizes(). . Replace png icons with svg. . mingw warning about unrecognized escape sequence. . values sorted wrong in "Last Activity" column. . icon height/width ratio. . Add config file for SVGO. . WebUI unreachable. Add regex option in the search filter's context menu. . Rename 2 methods to eliminate ambiguity. . Allow setting seq first/last from context menu without metadata. . Always save actual queue position. . Save fastresumes when changing torrent priorities. . Save torrents priorities on torrent finished. . TravisCI macOS builds. . Support the OpenBSD filesystem. . Avoid copy-construct QString in for loop. . Reset button text to default. . Update INSTALL file. . Don't disable DHT when using force proxy. . GUI scaling on Linux. . Adjust WebUI Options form alignment. . Increase WebUI Options initial height. . Allow WebUI sidebar filters to be hidden. . Decrease probability of missing important alerts. . Save option about tracker favicons under correct key. . Show "N/A" if there is no scrape. . some warnings. . Set "enter" as shortcut to download the selected torrents in search job. . Refactor in searchjob to always color visited entries. . Preselect name without extension when renaming files. . macOS builds in travis-ci. . Save state change from queued to paused. . Require torrent category creation to be explicit. . Include category save path in web api sync data. . Add save path and editing to WebUI new category dialog. . typo in variable name. . Bump Web API version. . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Update Changelog. . Bump to 4.1.3.
4.1.213 Aug 2018 03:16 minor feature: Update Options dialog layout in WebUI . Add option to control WebUI clickjacking protection. . Add option to control CSRF protection. . Improve Utils::Version class. . Add constexpr to TriStateBool class. . Add constexpr to IndexInterval class. . Don't use RSS feed URLs as base for file names. . Add missing header include. . Move DownloadFromURLDialog to its own file. . Improve DownloadFromURL behavior. . Refactor function. . Improve WebUI security measures. . Cleanup header include order. . Replace QRegExp with QRegularExpression. . Add logging messages in WebUI login action. . Reset WebUI ban counter on login success. . coding style. . Add upgrade-insecure-requests to CSP when HTTPS is enabled. . Add form-action to CSP. . Rename variables for clarity. . Add changelog link in program updater. . Send Cache-Control header in WebUI responses. . WebUI cache behavior for css files. . Refactor CMake build scripts. . option name in winconf-xxx.cmake. . Replace post-increment with pre-increment. . Remove duplicate private sections in class. . Disable certain mouse wheel events in Options dialog. . Replace deprecated function on macOS. . Show current save path in 'Set location' window. . Revise usage of BOOST_NO_CXX11_RVALUE_REFERENCES. . coding style. . Implement key functions in Class and refactor. . Add WebUI support for Mac (Command) key. . Change file names and classes names to match them. . Move.qrc files into its own directory. . Move.ico files into icons dir. . Move.desktop file. . Move qm_gen.pri. . Properly normalize version string before parsing it. . Turn on Control Flow Guard for MSVC builds. . Move optimization flags. . Create non-existing path in setLocationAction(). . Move related functions to Utils::Py
4.1.128 May 2018 03:16 minor feature: usage of Q_DECLARE_TR_FUNCTIONS() . Work around false-positive warning from lupdate. . translation strings not found. . Really translation in fspathedit. . Revert commit. . compile warnings on gcc 8. . wrong API method names. . Replace the zeroing of pointers with nullptr. . Add missing "override". . Refactor code. . Remove demessages. . Print warning about cmake support status. . Comment out Werror flag in cmake script. . Refactor functions. . displayed tracker messages. . Use qt5 connect() syntax. . Move some connect() from propertieswidget to their corresponding widget. . coding style. . Clarify guidelines and some typos. . Use qt5 syntax for a few remaining SLOT(). . compilation with MinGW. . Enable more compiler warnings on linux. . Refactor SettingsStorage class. . Make settings file recovery more robust. . Retry saving settings when operation failed. . Add 'Moving' state for torrents being relocated/moved. . Log successful torrent move. . Show rechecking progress. . Filter torrent info endpoint by hashes. . deletion of old logs. . invalid API calls in WebUI. . Improve legacy API params handling. . params handling for some legacy API methods. . Delete non-commited fastresume files. . Don't migrate torrents that have newer fastresumes. . Make strings translatable. . i18n in WebUI. . Rename variables. . Apply locale changes immediately in WebUI. . Refactor code. . Add option to remember last used save path. . Detect endianness at compile time. . Properly fill UploadedFile::filename field. . Properly set RSS settings via API. . Rename RSS properties to follow other names. . Improve "Run External Program" behavior. . open destination folder with Nautilus 3.28. . Add last used save path
4.1.005 May 2018 03:16 minor feature: translation context. . Right-align stat values. . Add missing units. . . . Update copyright year. . translation context. . . . Torrent creator: raise maximum piece size to 32 MiB. . . . . . Only add search separators as needed. . . . Match webui statuses to gui. Use switch statement. . . . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Revert "Remove examples from gpl.html..". . Add default case. . . . Require '#pragma once' in new code. . Remove legacy and corrupted RSS settings. . . . . . Remove default case. . . . . . . Allow to load TorrentInfo from data buffer. . Switch built-in Web UI html to HTML5. . Implement Qt wrapper for std::runtime_error. . Don't set application name twice. . . . Set default file log size to 65 KiB and delete backup logs older than . . Initial implementation of Smart Filter feature. . . . Redesign Web API. . Add "Coalesce reads writes" checkbox in advanced options. . typo in function name isSplashScreenDisabled(). . Redefine CacheStatus.readRatio field. . Clarify some terms in stats dialog. . Made smart episode filter regular expression configurable. . Expose the libtorrent fields for "dont_count_slow_torrents" to GUI: . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Don't use qDeleteAll() on temporaries. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Disable Auto TMM when RSS rule has save path. . Don't implicitly cast iterator to const_iterator. . Add "Use proxy only for torrents" option to webui. . . . wrong WebAPI param name. . Don't convert POST parameter names to lower-case. . WebUI Save user's resized window sizes. . Make download + upload windows resizable. . Add option to show/hide webui status bar. . Use.each(). Refactor conditionals. . . . . . compilation with Qt 5.11 on macOS. .
4.0.416 Feb 2018 03:16 minor feature: WebUI: Only prepend scheme when it is not present. . Add struct TorrentCreatorParams for passing parameters. . Add source field in Torrent creator. . torrent file selection in Finder on mac. . Put macOS specific functions to MacUtils namespace. . Finder reveal in preview and torrent contents. . cmd+w not closing the main window on macOS. . Use standard folder icon for open file behavior on Windows. RSS rule updated when deleting. . sorting of country flags column in Peers tab. . Simplify sorting code. . natural sorting when the common part of 2 strings ends partially . . application of speed limits on LAN and μTP connections. # . . Make peer information flags in peerlist more readable. . search only when category is supported by plugin. Add "Remaining" and "Availability" columns to webui Content tab. . Make value formatting consistent with GUI. . Reposition Total Size column to match gui. . Add Tags columns. . Add Time Active column. . Use https for . Don't process new/updated RSS rules when disabled. . Revert "Run external program" function. . Cleanup. . Tweak spacing. . gui on high DPI monitor. . Resize dialog size on high DPI monitors. . column size too narrow on resize. . constant status of ' F Downloading'. . splitting of compiler flags in configure. . configure: Parse all compiler related flags together. . Sort filename lists in.pri files. . Update libtorrent bottle for Travis. . Update configure version info. . translation context. . Update copyright year. . translation context. . Torrent creator: raise maximum piece size to 32 MiB. . transferlist: added a force reannounce option. . Only add search separators as needed. . Match webui statuses to gui. Use switch statement. . Sync transla
4.0.319 Dec 2017 00:45 minor feature: Add height padding to the transfer list icons. . missing qbt logo on login page in webUI. . WebUI Add check to avoid type error after logout. . WebUI Use POST for logout command. . Allow to drag-n-drop URLs into mainwindow to initiate download. . Partial revert eac8838. . Disable the "?" help button in all dialogs on Windows. . WebUI is not reachable via IPv6. . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Bump to 4.0.3.
4.0.201 Dec 2017 22:05 minor feature: build with --disable-webui . . . missing include in rss_feed.cpp. . Change MixedModeAlgorithm default to TCP. . RSS Parser. . blurry text under Windows by setting DPI awareness to default. . Remove examples from gpl.html. . Implement Import/Export RSS rules in legacy format. . Implement Import/Export RSS rules in JSON format. . crash on some systems when creating address object for 255.255.25 . . i386 build (configure). . Stop logging IP filter parsing errors after a while. . Coding style for many files. . GUI Implement stable sort. . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Bump to 4.0.2.
4.0.125 Nov 2017 07:05 minor feature: Improve the github template. . crash on opening torrent/magnet (uninitialized pointer). # . . Add ip subnet whitelist for bypassing webui auth. . Enable preferences Apply button when ip banlist is modified. . Remove duplicate header. . qtsingleapplication should always be built statically to avoid depend . . WebUI logo missing in login page. . english typo. . Allow drag-n-drop magnet links to mainwindow. . Remove superfluous QString::fromUtf8(). . Use Qt5 connect syntax. . Avoid double delete on. Wrap function into anonymous namespace. . crash when aborting a torrent creation process. . Correctly check if torrent passed during application start already ex . . Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate. . Bump API_VERSION to 16. . Bump to 4.0.1.
4.0.021 Nov 2017 04:19 major feature: This is a major new release with a huge changelog. Enjoy! v4.0.0 changelog: FEATURE: Change qbittorrent logo. Issue #6467. (HVS, Atif Afzal, sledgehammer999) FEATURE: New icon theme with SVG source, so we can scale it appropriately in the future. (Bert Verhelst) FEATURE: Drop Qt 4 support. Raise minimum Qt version to 5.5.1 (evsh) FEATURE: UI for managing locally banned IP list (dzmat) FEATURE: Support for specifying where to save/load config files. Support for portable mode. (evsh) FEATURE: It is now possible to pass options via ENV variables instead of cmd options. (evsh) FEATURE: Allow to strip subfolder in multifile torrents. (glassez, sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Allow cmd args to specify options when adding torrents. (Brian Kendall) FEATURE: Widget for showing filesystem paths while typing. Used in the Add New Torrent and Options dialogs. (evsh) FEATURE: Trackerlist: Allow to toggle columns (thalieht) FEATURE: Add availability column to torrent content model and torrent properties window (evsh) FEATURE: Implemented share limit by seeding time (naikel) FEATURE: Revamp Torrent creator (Chocobo1) FEATURE: Enable drag n drop to create torrent on mainwindow (Chocobo1) FEATURE: Add show/hide statusbar option (takiz) FEATURE: Show number of pieces. Closes #6774. (Chocobo1) FEATURE: Allow to select delete multiple entries in "Manage Cookies" dialog (Chocobo1) FEATURE: Fetch Favicons via google as a final fallback (KingLucius) FEATURE: Add a Tags (multi-label) feature to the GUI. Closes #13. (tgregerson) FEATURE: Use the system icons for each file type in the Content tab (evsh) FEATURE: Use SVG files for monochrome tray icons. Closes #6085. (evsh) FEATURE: Prefill torrent name when creating a new torrent. Closes #7229. (Chocobo1) FEATURE: Expose more libtorrent options in advanced settings (Chocobo1) FEATURE: Add comboBox for selecting BitTorrent protocol. Closes #6316.