Recent Releases

4.13.204 Jun 2024 03:45 minor bugfix: -- Massimo Callegari Sun, 21 Sep 2024 18:19:20 +0200.
4.13.122 Mar 2024 11:45 minor bugfix: Engine: blackout not working. -- Massimo Callegari Sun, 30 Jun 2024 12:13:14 +0200.
4.13.009 Feb 2024 11:25 major bugfix: engine: Chaser random startup. engine: do not fade out looped audio. engine: stopping audio with fade in and fade out while fading in. engine: new EFX algorithm: SquareTrue. engine: handle 'string' and 'float' types in RGB Scripts. UI: save the geometry of all the dialogs. Virtual Console: add monitoring feedback value to custom feedbacks. Virtual Console/Slider: switching from playback to submaster mode. Virtual Console/Slider: submaster @0 not affecting function intensity. Virtual Console/XY Pad: Scene preset controlling wrong channels. Virtual Console/Clock: running a schedule the day after. Virtual Console/Button: Scene flashing can force LTP and override. Virtual Console/Cue List: off by one offset error in steps mode. Virtual Console/Audio Triggers: attached VC Slider not updating values. Virtual Console/Audio Triggers: loading a project with DMX bars with no channels set. Plugins/ArtNet: add default standard transmission mode as per protocol specifications. Plugins/ArtNet,E1.31,OSC: add a parameter to wait for interfaces to be ready. Plugins/DMX USB: add support for DMXKing MAX products. Plugins/DMX USB: FTDI USB device no longer disappear after closing QLC+ on Linux. ture Editor: aliases not updated when renaming a mode. Web Access: add support for Cue List side fader and buttons layout. Web Access: add support for Slider knob appearance. Web Access: add support for VC Frame disable button. Web Access: add VC Animation widget support. Web Access: add event to notify Function start/stop. Input profiles: added PMJ 9 Faders Controller, Circus and MidiKey. New ture: Ibiza Mini Moving Star Wash. New tures: FOS Technologies IQ Par, IQ 28x12 Wash, Iridium 75W Spot. New ture: Varytec Hero Spot 60. New ture: beamZ BAC503. New tures: Cameo Flat Pro 7, 12 and 18. New ture: Eurolite LED TMH-X4. New tures: Cameo Q-Spot 40 RGBW, Varytec LED PAR 14x8W, Varytec LED Typhoon PAR Outdoor (12x10). New tures: Audibax Iowa 70, Pro-Lights CromoWash100. New tures: Showtec Spectral
4.12.828 Jul 2023 06:45 minor feature: Plugins/ArtNet: add default standard transmission mode as per protocol specifications. Plugins/DMX USB: add support for DMXKing MAX products. New ture: Ibiza Mini Moving Star Wash. -- Massimo Callegari Sun, 17 Dec 2023 12:13:14 +0200.
4.12.724 Jul 2023 17:50 minor feature:
4.11.221 Apr 2018 20:25 minor feature: Engine: crash caused by an invalid IO mapping, engine: intensity override not considered during fade outs, UI/Function Manager: keyboard shortcut conflicts and document them, UI/Function Manager: allow to import multiple of audio/video files at once, UI/Channel Groups: added expand/collapse all button helpers, UI/Chaser Editor: add a button to shuffle the selected Chaser steps, UI/RGBMatrix Editor: preview not updating on pattern change when play button is on, Show Manager: crash when adding a Sequence after deleting one, Show Manager: crash when editing a Sequence bound to a deleted Scene, Show Manager: items start time indication when dragging, Virtual Console/Slider: submaster initial value not applied and inverted mode, Virtual Console/Slider: added 'value catching' option for external controller faders, Virtual Console/Slider: values range when switching between Slider and Knob appearance, Virtual Console/Slider: react on Scene flashing when in playback mode, Virtual Console/Knob: DMX values not updated when interacting with the mouse wheel, Virtual Console/Cue List: allow to select a step with next/previous buttons during pause, Virtual Console/Cue List: go to the right chaser step after a pause, Virtual Console/Frame: regression preventing to send the disable feedback, Web Access: added support for VC Buttons in Flash mode, Web Access: added support for VC Frame circular page scrolling, Web Access: update AudioTriggers state when changed from QLC+, plugins/udmx: added 'channels' configuration parameter, plugins/E1.31: crash on wrong packet length, New ture: DTS XR7 Spot, New ture: Ledj Slimline 12Q5 Batten, New ture: Ayra Compar Kit 1, New tures: GLP Impression X4 S, Eurolite LED KLS-2500, New ture: Chauvet Intimidator Spot 255 IRC, New tures: Chauvet Geyser RGB, Geyser P6, New ture: Chauvet Rotosphere Q3, New ture: Showtec Compact Par 7 Q4, New ture: Contest Delirium, New ture: Solena Mini Par 12, Max Bar 28 RGB, New tures: Showtec Phantom 65, Laserworld PRO
4.11.025 Jun 2017 22:05 minor feature: Engine: setting start/end color while a RGB Matrix is running, engine: crash when pausing a Show with an unavailable audio file, engine: major rework of Sequences. Projects using them need to be migrated, UI: enabled Alt key combinations on macOS to behave like other platforms, UI/RGB Panel: added panel direction, UI/ture Manager: added weight and power consumption information on tures/universe selection, UI/Scene Editor: preserve ture tab order when tures with no channels set are present, UI/RGB Matrix Editor: allow the preview to run even in operate mode, UI/Audio Editor: added the possibility to loop an audio file, UI/Simple Desk: crash when changing values from a channel group in "tures view" mode, Virtual Console: prevent unwanted feedbacks from widgets in inactive Frame pages, Virtual Console: manual selection of input channels not considering Frame pages, Virtual Console: input profiles channels not honored on frame pages other than the first, Virtual Console/Slider: improved level monitoring with the possibility to act like a Simple Desk slider, Virtual Console/Frame:10.5b regression disabling widgets when switching page in design mode, Virtual Console/Frame: key controls not copied when cloning a frame, Virtual Console/Frame: added the possibility to jump directly to a page and assign page names, Virtual Console/Cue List: improved linked crossfade to perform an additive blending between steps, Virtual Console/Speed Dial: improved tap button blinking and feedbacks, Virtual Console/Speed Dial: it is now possible to copy/paste factors, Virtual Console/Clock: added external input support for countdown and stopwatch modes, Plugins/OSC: added channel number calculator in configuration page to help integrating new controllers, Plugins/Loopback: spurious values emitted when a lot of channels are looped, Web access: VC Slider in percentage mode and inverted appearance, Web access: support VC Slider reduced range when in level mode, Web access: improved getChannelsVa
4.10.307 Mar 2016 06:05 minor feature: Engine: intensity channels forced back to HTP after LTP not working correctly, Engine: functions with low intensity killing current fade outs, Audio Capture: crash when selecting another audio input while a capture is running, Audio Capture: crash when trying to use a wrongly configured audio input, Scene Editor: Remember Channels Groups values when saving and loading a workspace, Scene Editor: Remember tures even with no activated channel, RGBMatrix Editor: preview now working when fade in 0, RGBMatrix Editor: length of fadeout on the preview, Show Manager: crash when editing the total time of an empty chaser, Show Manager/Function Selection: sequences always displayed even with Chasers and Scenes both filtered out, Speed Dials: display and input of the milliseconds field, update precision from 10ms to 1ms, Input/Output Manager: Forbid deleting universes in the middle of the list, this prevents a lot of and crashes, Simple Desk: the number of faders is now dynamic depending on the window size, Plugins/ArtNet: input and output initialization conflict that results in no input, Plugins/ArtNet: Allow sending and receiving ArtNet on several different interfaces, Plugins/ArtNet: Allow selecting a different ArtNet input universe, Plugins/ArtNet: configuration that prevents setting a parameter back to its default value, Plugins/OSC: configuration that prevents setting a parameter back to its default value, Plugins/OSC: OSC Output values range from 0.0 to 1.0, Plugins/OSC: Properly handle OSC bundles, Virtual Console: copy of a frame containing a submaster slider resulting in a broken submaster, Virtual Console/Slider: Enable function filters in playback function selection, Virtual Console/Slider: Allow to force to LTP color channels controlled by a Click Go button, Virtual Console/Solo Frame: sliders in playback mode not actually stopping the attached function when the slider reaches 0, Virtual Console/Animation: Can now be used in solo frames, Virtual Console/Frames:
4.10.214 Dec 2015 03:25 minor feature: Engine: added support for devices hotplug, Engine: Universe passthrough data is now merged with QLC+ output, it is not affected by QLC+ processing, Audio: playback of 24/32 bit wave files and Show Manager waveform preview, DMX Dump: it is now possible to dump DMX values on an existing Scene, ClickAndGo Widgets: Preset widgets now display the channel name on top of the capability list, Function Manager: startup Function not cleared when deleting it, Function Manager: highlight current startup Function when opening the Function selection dialog, Function Selection: Don't lose the current selection when changing the function type filter, Show Manager: looped functions never stopping with certain durations, Show Manager: copy/paste of an existing Chaser, Show Manager: crashes when copying a sequence on an empty track, Show Manager: repair conflicting sequences when loading a broken workspace, EFX Editor: removed the intensity control. Please use separate Scenes for that, Virtual Console/Slider: copy of the channel monitor mode, Virtual Console/Slider: in level mode, activate only in operate mode and don't hold forced LTP channels, Virtual Console/Slider: in playback mode, ignore the fade in/fade out of the attached Function, Virtual Console/XYPad: added ture Group preset, to control a subgroup of tures, Virtual Console/XYPad Properties: ture ranges can now be set in degrees, percentage or DMX values, Virtual Console/XYPad Properties: manual input selection for presets, Virtual Console/Cue List: improved mixed usage of crossfader and next/previous buttons, Virtual Console/Cue List: effect of a submaster slider on a Cue List in crossfader mode, Virtual Console/Cue List: crash when adding steps to the chaser being run by a Cue List, Virtual Console/Audio Triggers: virtual console buttons triggering, Virtual Console/Input Selection: allow custom feedbacks only on an assigned source and don't crash, DMX Monitor: strobing in 2D view, ture Editor: crash in the Channel Editor,
4.10.123 Oct 2015 03:16 minor feature: Virtual Console/Cue List: improved step fader behaviour, Plugins/DMXUSB: regression affecting Linux users and OSX users using the libFTDI interface, Plugins/ArtNet/E1.31/OSC: Improved network interfaces detection, New ture: Enterius EC-133DMX, New ture: Showtec Dragon F-350, New tures: JB Systems Lounge Laser DMX, JB Systems Super Solar RGBW
4.10.019 Oct 2015 20:45 minor feature: RGBMatrix: SingleShot RGBMatrix make use of FadeOut time, RGBMatrix Editor: Update duration when changing fade in time, Monitor: values update of EFX in relative mode, VC Audio Triggers: triggers enable from the web interface, VC Audio Triggers: restored audio level fader, VC Speed Dial: Allow ms precision for absolute range, Simple Desk: restored the icon to delete a Cue, UI: channel group sliders not showing up, Plugins/DMXUSB: for the, Plugins/OSC: data receive on loopback interface, Plugins/OSC: messages with a name length multiple of 4 not received, RGB Scripts: add Waves script, New tures: Showtec Compact Par 18 Tri MKII, Showtec Indigo 150 LED, Elation Rayzor Q7, New tures: Eurolite Led Theatre 36x3W CW/WW, Martin Viper AirFX, Clay Paky Glow Up, Martin CX-10 Extreme, New ture: Sagitter Slimpar 7DL, New ture: Varytec LED Hellball 3, New tures: Botex-DPX-620-III, Stairville AF-40 DMX, New ture: Cameo Gobo Scanner 60, New tures: Stairville LED Flood Panel 150, Eurolite PST 15W QCL RGB, New ture: Eurolite LED D-400 RGBAW 3W DMX
4.9.109 Jul 2015 05:05 minor feature: Function Manager: Fix sequences sometimes loaded in the chaser folder, RGBMatrix: Automatic "dimmer set to 100 " feature can be disabled, Input Selection: Unpatched universes not considered as invalid anymore, Input/Output tab: Fix Add Universe button adding wrong universe ID after loading a workspace, Speed Dial RGB Matrix Chaser: improve tap precision, Monitor: Fix various issues crashes when loading a project while the Monitor is open, Simple Desk: Fix deadlock when clicking the "Reset Universes" button, Fixture Selection: Disable heads non pan/tilt capable in EFX and XYPad editors, Function Live Edit: Fix crash when changing tab mode in Scene Editor, Function Live Edit: Fix deadlock when toggling blind mode in Scene Editor, VC Button: Allow to edit the fade out time of a stop-all-functions button with the text input, VC Submaster: fix submaster level not taken into account right from project loading, VC Submaster: fix chaser not taking submaster level into account, VC Submaster: Cue Lists are now affected by Submaster faders, VC SpeedDial: Fix copy, VC SpeedDial: Allow linking the infinite checkbox to an external input, VC CueList: Activate Start/Stop button feedback, Chaser Editor: Fix string-to-speed conversion, Chaser Editor: Fix erratic behavior when changing speed values, Fixture Manager: RGB panels can now have RGB, BGR, BRG, GBR, GRB, or RGBW components, Engine: Overall improvement to reduce the CPU usage to detect and monitor universe changes, Engine: fixed DMX monitor misbehaviours, Engine: Fix RGBMatrix randomly starting with wrong direction, Engine: Fix RGBMatrix never shutting off lights when fadeout duration, Engine: Fix functions contained in chaser or audiotrigger not stopped properly, Engine: Fix collection not updating its running children intensity, Engine: Fix random erratic channel behavior when flashing huge scenes, Engine: Fix EFX "jumps" when changing the speed of a running EFX, Engine: fixed wrong behaviour of intensity channels f
4.9.028 Jun 2015 18:05 major feature: Engine: it is now possible to flash LTP channels as well, RGB Scripts: added new "Balls" script, Collections: forward the startup intensity to children functions, Function Manager: fix crash // disable Add Sequence button when function selection is empty, Fixtures Manager: improve sorting of fixtures present more than 10 times, Fixtures Manager: disable Add RGB Panel button when going in Operate Mode, Fixtures Manager: fix changing the universe of a fixture and associated crash in Simple Desk, Chaser Editor: fix cutting of several steps at the same time, Chaser Editor: fix crash when trying to paste a removed function, Virtual Console Animation: fix some crashes when changing a running Matrix, Virtual Console Animation: fix custom control key sequence not loading, Virtual Console Animation: fix properties of a non-running matrix not set, Virtual Console LiveEdit: fix live editing an XYPad properties making the pad not responsive, Show Manager: fixed rendering and playback of sequences with common duration steps, Show Manager: fix sequences present 2 times in Add Function selection dialog, UI: in kiosk mode, don't show the panels tab bar, Engine: correctly stop videos on Linux, Engine: added video Single Shot and Loop playback modes, Engine: preserve audio and video function names given by the user, Plugins/DMXUSB: Added support for Eurolite USB DMX512 Pro adapter - Linux only, Plugins/EnttecWing: using feedbacks to sync widget values and Playback Wing sliders, Fixture Remap: fixed remapping of widgets into nested frames, New fixtures: Martin Roboscan Pro 918, American DJ Inno Spot Pro, Clay Paky Stage Color 300 AE, New fixtures: Martin Mac 350 Entour, Martin Acrobat, Martin Rush MH1 Profile, Starway Minikolor, Starway MaxKolor 18, New fixtures: Clay Paky CP Color 400, Clay Paky Tornado, Clay Paky Mythos, Starway EventKolor, New fixtures: Clay Paky: Stormy, Stormy CC, Show Batten 100, Pin Scan, New fixtures: Vari-Lite VL3500 Spot, Vari-Lite VL3000 Spot, Vari-Lite VL3
4.8.515 Apr 2015 09:45 minor feature: RGB Matrix Editor: fixed conversion to a Sequence, Scene Editor: fix preview in non-tabbed mode, Fixture Editor: added UV primary color, MIDI templates: added APC mini sysex template, Experimental Loopback plugin, Monitor: save both DMX view and 2D view settings, RGB Scripts: added new Plasma script and added 'radial' orientation to Gradient, Virtual Console: Frame: allow pages circular scrolling, Virtual Console: Frame: Increased the maximum number of pages to 100, Virtual Console: Fix issues with cut-paste from one frame to another, Virtual Console: Solo Frame: Fix regression: frame inside a solo frame not working, Monitor: show color of color filters and shutter state, Input Profile editor: fix off-by-one for MIDI note numbers, Input: fix input received several times in a row after changing input profile, Fix opening files outside of QLC+ install dir in Windows, Plugins/ArtNet: fixed input from non-contiguous universes, Plugins/ArtNet: enabled local address to communicate with other softwares running on the same computer, Webaccess: fixed CSS/JS loading on OSX, Webaccess: deny the favicon, so the interface doesn't get unresponsive after a while, New fixture: Robe Pointe, New fixture: Ledj Performer 18 RGBWA, New fixtures: Stairville DJ Lase GR-160 RGY MKII, Stairville Hz-200 DMX, New fixture: lightMaxx Complete PAR56 9x12W RGBAWUV, New fixtures: Briteq BTX-180L, Martin Mac Viper Wash DX, Martin Mac Viper Performance, New fixtures: Blizzard Hotbox EXA, Blizzard Hotbox RGBAW, Blizzard Hotbox RGBW, Blizzard Puck RGBAW, New fixture: Varytec LED Laser 4, New fixture: Chauvet Hive, New fixture: Studio Due Shark 150C, New fixture: American DJ Dotz Par, New fixture: Img Stage Line PARL-4Set, New fixture: Varytec Thunderscan FX, Pro-Lights GoboMix, New fixture: Chauvet Omega I DMX-155, New fixture: Eurolite LED SCY-100 RGBW DMX, New fixture: Chauvet Q-Wash 560Z LED, New fixtures: JB Systems Plano Spot 7TC, JB Systems Plano Spot LED
4.8.409 Feb 2015 04:45 minor feature: Engine/UI: Fixed and improved the Script Function. Please see the documentation, Virtual Console/Animation: added end color reset control, Virtual Console/Animation: added R/G/B custom control knobs for start and end colors , Virtual Console/Audio Triggers: fix crash when changing the input device while a trigger is running , Virtual Console/Audio Triggers: fixed incorrect number of bars when reconfiguring the widget, Virtual Console/Audio Triggers: multiple triggers at the same time and with different number of bars are now supported, Virtual Console/Frames: added option to hide the enable/disable button , Virtual Console/Knobs: now they can be inverted like sliders , Virtual Console/Sliders: fix inverted monitor value , Virtual Console/Live Edit: fix some widgets state when live editing , Virtual Console/Solo Frames: can have multiple widgets associated to the same function , Engine: It is now possible to set a network URL on videos, Engine: fixed channels forced to HTP/LTP multiple times, Engine: fixed universe passthrough flag not restored on project load, Fixture Manager: recompute address overlap when fixture mode changes , Scene Editor: Channel's primary color rather than its name is used to determine Color Tool availability , RGB Matrix Editor: correctly update colors when the algorithm is changed, UI: fixed time editing of milliseconds , Plugins/ArtNet: fixed malformed output packets , Webaccess: fix crash when trying to update a closed connection , Application: fix doc modified flag not set on widget deletion, cut/paste, and raise , New fixtures: Cameo LED Mini PAR CAN RGB 7x3W/RGBW 7x8W/White 7x4W , New fixtures: Showtec Infinity iW 715 and iW 720 , New fixture: American DJ DJ Spot 250 , New fixture: Blizzard Lighting Weather System , New fixtures: Starway AXIS 250 16Bits, FullKolor, NanoKolor, TourKolor, Servo Beam 5R , New fixtures: DNA Pro Slim 18 RGBW, Martin MAC600 NT, Starway ServoColor 600, Starway ServoColor 800 , New fixtures: Vari-Lite VL2500 Wa
4.8.322 Jan 2015 18:45 minor feature: Engine/UI: Fixed and improved the Script Function. Virtual Console: added end color reset control. Animation: added R/G/B custom control knobs for start and end colors . Audio Triggers: fix crash when changing the input device while a trigger is running. fixed incorrect number of bars when reconfiguring the widget. multiple triggers at the same time and with different number of bars are now supported. Frames: added option to hide the enable/disable button. Knobs: now they can be inverted like sliders. Sliders: fix inverted monitor value. Live Edit: fix some widgets state when live editing. Solo Frames: can have multiple widgets associated to the same function. Engine: It is now possible to set a network URL on videos. Engine: fixed channels forced to HTP/LTP multiple times. Engine: fixed universe passthrough flag not restored on project load. Fixture Manager: recompute address overlap when fixture mode changes. Scene Editor: Channel's primary color rather than its name is used to determine Color Tool availability. RGB Matrix Editor: correctly update colors when the algorithm is changed. UI: fixed time editing of milliseconds (.3 is 300ms and not 30ms). Plugins/ArtNet: fixed malformed output packets (4.8.2 regression). Webaccess: fix crash when trying to update a closed connection. Application: fix doc modified flag not set on widget deletion, cut/paste, and raise. New fixtures:. Cameo LED Mini PAR CAN RGB 7x3W/RGBW 7x8W/White 7x4W. Showtec Infinity iW 715 and iW 720. American DJ DJ Spot 250. Blizzard Lighting Weather System. Starway AXIS 250 16Bits, FullKolor, NanoKolor, TourKolor, Servo Beam 5R. DNA Pro Slim 18 RGBW, Martin MAC600 NT, Starway ServoColor 600, Starway ServoColor 800. Vari-Lite VL2500 Wash, Martin JEM K1 Hazer, Generic Smoke. Martin Mac 2000 Profile II, Martin MAC Aura, PR Lighting PR 5000 Spot. Contest PSC-930. Eurolite LED CBB-3 COB RBG 3x15W Bar, lightmaXX Platinum Line Mini PAR QUAD 7x8W, Eurolite LED PMB-4 COB RGB 30W Bar. Pulse SlimLite 56. Chau
4.8.207 Nov 2014 02:45 major feature: NEW: Virtual Console: introduced new widget based on RGB Matrix to control animations (see documentation) NEW: RGB Matrix: introduced API version 2. It is now possible to define Script properties accessible from QLC+ (see documentation) NEW: Virtual Console: introducing EXPERIMENTAL Virtual Console live edit (thanks to David Garyga) RGB Matrix Editor: added a toggle button to preview circles or squares Virtual Console: improved Speed Dial layout and allow to set the visibility of each element of the widget Engine: improved perfomance of chaser loading and playback (thanks to David Garyga) Engine: improved loading of RGB Matrix scripts (thanks to David Garyga) Simple Desk: fixed crash on speed dial window open/close Chaser Editor: fixed editing cases when using infinite times (thanks to uchris) Input Profiles: added KORG nanoPAD2 profile (thanks to Daniel Γ…hr) Input Profiles: added Elation MIDIcon Input Profiles: MIDI messages can be entered directly Webaccess: improved UTF-8 and HTML5 conformance (thanks to Janosch Frank) Webaccess: fixed crash occurring on nested multipage/non-multipage frames ArtNet: fixed dmx output packet length (even number in the range 2-512), fixed input dmx packet parsing New fixtures: NJD Spectre, Chauvet Eclipse RGB, American DJ Dotz TPar, Abstract Twister 4, Pulse ECO LED PAR56 (thanks to Charles Oldham) New fixture: American DJ Galaxian Sky (thanks to Chicken) New fixtures: Cameo Strobe 3x3.5W, Cameo Strobe 6x10W, Stairville HL-x9 Quad Color Flood 9x8W (thanks to Janosch Frank) New fixture: American DJ Inno Pocket Scan (thanks to George Qualley) New fixture: Stairville LED PAR56 10MM-UV (thanks to Hadley Denton) New fixture: Eurolite LED SLS-180 RGB (thanks to Peter) New fixture: Futurelight PHW-260 (thanks to Alessandro Grechi) New fixture: Martin RUSH Par 1 RGBW (thanks to Russell) New fixture: Chauvet SlimPAR QUAD 12 IRC (thanks to Robert Box) New fixture: Cameo LED Colour Bar RGBA (CLBAR10RGBA) (thanks to RenΓ© Brixel) New fixture: