RecordEditor 0.99.3

Record Editor is a data file editor for CSV (Comma/Tab delimited values) files, fixed field width files, and XML files. This program uses a record-layout definition to display the data file in a human-readable form. It can handle PC (text and binary), Unix (text and binary), and native IBM mainframe (text and binary) file formats. It is similar to Net-Cobol's Cobol-Editor or Compuware's FileAid.

Tags text-editor java win32 developers unix linux csv java text-processing fixed-width-file
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.99.311 Jul 2023 14:05 major feature:
0.98.527 Nov 2017 22:13 major feature: Since version 0.98.2, New Code-Generation function has been added. You can Generate Jave-JRecord code from a Cobol copybook + Java / Python code fromthe file being edited. New Xml compare and Xml directory Compare options have been added.
0.98.221 Feb 2017 02:53 minor feature: Minor Problem fixes, Extra scripting functions minor improvements in Generated python code
0.9825 Aug 2016 08:15 minor feature: Cobol fixes. Improved Cobol Copybook import. Added Code-Generation function both Cobol Java JRecord + basic code generation for Python/Java
0.9717 Mar 2015 11:28 minor bugfix: Upgrade to Csv parser. Problem fixes for Cobol parsing + other areas. Updated File Chooser screens to include Recent directories pane. Extra example macros and program startup options
0.96h03 Dec 2014 01:52 major feature: Improved Csv parsing, More Cell operations for Csv files, New Cobol split Option, better zoned and packed decimal support, better support for non-english EBCDIC files. More file compare options. Improved macro (script) support, extra Example macro's more macro build functions. New fixed width char mode (for Fixed width Unicode files). OpenJdk and Java fixes.
0.96d12 Aug 2014 04:06 major feature: New Text view where fields are highlighted Allow block cell selections and added block cell coping/pasteing Major changes to Installers - Better Windows UAC handling, can install in Windows"User" account, Better handling of multiple user's on PC. Can specify Charset on Csv and Fixed width export New Csv compare function Added file charset detection for Ebcdic files Added Edit-Layout button to tool bar Key assignment changes, Record-Copy Record-Cut, Record-Paste, Record-Insert and Record-Delete are now assigned to keys Alt-C, Alt-X, Alt-V, Alt-Insert and Alt-Delete. Control-C and Control-V are now for cell copying and pasting. Automatic backup of File Layouts (Schema's) as Xml files (to directory lt;RecordEditorUserDirectory gt;Copybook/SchemaBu). Fixed problem in copying to Ebcdic Files (that use a new-line character) on Windows machines. Fix problem new Xml export function Fix System and record-seperator problems in Xml export