Recent Releases

5.0806 Sep 2015 09:44 major feature: Many new features. More SCCSv6 features, another important step towards supporting whole projects instead of single files. All relevant SCCS commands no support the -N bulk option to handle multiple files as a preparation of the upcoming project mode. SCCS admin now supports atomic checkout for new files to radically improve performance for entering projects into SCCS. SCCS now supports to create forced deltas without previously checking out files for editing (this prevents to use keyword expansion). Better annotation for get(1) is available. For more information see AN-5.08
5.0726 Jan 2015 17:01 major feature: Many new features from the last 4 years of development. More SCCSv6 features. SCCSv6 is now tested in the testsuite. All man pages have been completely reworked.
5.0612 Aug 2014 14:21 minor feature: