Recent Releases

1.5.515 Aug 2019 19:08 major bugfix:
1.5.419 Mar 2019 15:05 major bugfix:
1.4.716 Dec 2017 11:05 minor bugfix: 0015061: Fonts Crash with Noto-Coloremoji font (jghali) 0014905: Typography Portuguese sample text (jghali) 0014900: PDF Fonts used only in patterns can't be embedded in PDFs (jghali) 0014891: Story Editor / Text Frames Style replacement isn't correct (jghali) 0014884: Import / Export A blank character is added when importing an html file (jghali) 0014820: Translation Incorrect French translation for "Glyph extension" in style manager (jghali) 0014270: Documentation Incorrect link to Mac OSX Ghostscript package (jghali) 0014877: Translation Backport translation to 1.4.7.svn (FirasH) 0014746: Translation Ukrainian UI (jghali) 0014751: Styles Document Settings Tab Width spinbox does not accept values below one inch (jghali) 0014638: General combine polygons results in unexpected displacement (jghali) 0014707: Fonts Text preview truncated in Font Preview (jghali) 0012831: Scrapbook scrapbook doesn't work with images (jghali) 0014720: User Interface Text filter dialog unusable (jghali) 0014583: PDF Euro-sign ( ) showing as squares or diamond shape in PDF forms (jghali) 0014619: General "Insert frames" incorrectly place frames on left pages when bleed is involved (jghali) 0014507: General Typo in PACKAGING (jghali) 0014501: Translation Ukrainian UI update and (jghali) 0014522: Translation Ukrainian UI update and (plinnell) 0014494: Import / Export Bad PDF output caused by broken JPEGs embedding incorrect ICC profiles (jghali) 0014362: Import / Export Inkscape SVG freezes Scribus (jghali) 0014391: Translation Ukrainian UI update (jghali) 0014377: General Rotate Item show wrong icon when mouse over frame middle point (jghali) -. 0014380: Styles Crash caused by incorrect handling of reference to deleted styles by style manager (jghali) -. 0012708: Releases GNOME/KDE: Please install the supplied AppData file (plinnell) -. 0014270: Documentation Incorrect link to Mac OSX Ghostscript package (jghali) -. 0014360: Properti
1.4.628 Nov 2016 23:25 minor documentation: 0013605: General Scribus crashes immediately on opening a particular file (jghali) -. 0013609: Translation Italian translation update for 1.4.6.svn (FirasH) -. 0008548: Canvas redrawing the canvas goes wrong when object moved with arrow keys forcing the canvas to scroll (jghali) -. 0013470: Canvas Missing Layout Update/Display Refresh for Text boxes using certain 'align and distribute' buttons (jghali) -. 0013225: General "Replace All" in Search/Replace dialog freezes Scribus in determined condition (jghali) -. 0013451: PDF Invalid PDF when specifying a non-existing page to export (jghali) -. 0013503: General Crash when opening file (jghali) -. 0013471: Language Tools for broken hyphenation language selection (jghali) -. 0010391: Story Editor / Text Frames add keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F to Search/Replace in Story Editor (jghali) -. 0010270: General Story Editor: Ctrl-F doesn't open Search window (jghali) -. 0013435: Import / Export blend modes not imported from SVG file (jghali) -. 0013416: Usability Assert failure when loading document (jghali) -. 0013039: General Error at startup prevents using script (psmedley) -. 0013407: Translation Polish translation update for Scribus 1.4.6 (mhanski) -. 0013404: Translation Updated Danish Translation (jghali) -. 0013355: Typography Text effects only retained on first line when you reopen a document. (jghali) -. 0013369: Styles Multiple Duplicate of text box loses style (jghali) -. 0013365: Undo/Redo Rename action is wrongly recorded in Action History (FirasH) -. 0013214: General Crash when reopening field properties dialog (jghali) -. 0013154: OS-Win32 Error message during the startup of scribus (jghali) -. 0013180: PDF Encoding error in PDF with Symbol font (jghali) -. 0013183: User Interface Crash when attempting to set keyboard shortcut to menu separator in keyboard shortcut prefs (cbradney) -. 0013327: PDF Closing PDF "Field Properties" dialog after changin
1.5.219 May 2016 02:53 major feature: The text layout engine has been rewritten from scratch in preparation for support of complex scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and Hindi coming in Scribus 1.5.3 and later. We are more than grateful for the magnificent work that the Oman House of Open Source Technology team, led by Khaled Hosny, completed. Within the context of the text layout system rewrite, some new text features introduced with the 1.5.0 release have been stabilized and improved. Improvements to the canvas rendering on Hi-DPI screens. The Autosave and File Recovery system has seen large improvements and is now highly configurable. The Resource Manager, as well as the official Scribus Resources pool have been expanded significantly, because Scribus 1.5.2 provides direct access to the more than 300 (mostly commercial) color palettes of the Open Colour Systems Collection in the LAB color space. We would like to thank dtp studio oldenburg and the initiative freieFarbe for making these color palettes available under a CC license. The Resource Manager user interface has received some enhancements. The Resource Manager now verifies resource downloads from Scribus servers with SHA256 checksums.
1.4.528 Jan 2015 21:25 major feature: Barcode plugin updated file. crash on pdf export . Patterns made from groups are given black outline on document retrieval. Fix Authors tab appearance. Closing document while editing master pages may cause crash. Undo/Redo crashes Scribus while editing master page. Updated Danish Translation. Hungarian translation update for 1.4.5. Final 1.4.5.svn Italian translation update. import/pct/importpct.cpp: 2 * bad if test ?. Esperanto translation. Backport 0012622 fix to 1.4.5.svn. Backport 0011833 fix to 1.4.5.svn. Backport 0012620 fix to 1.4.5.svn. Backport 0012668 fix to 1.4.5.svn. Italian translation update. Setting Fill Shade of Cell/Char to "Parent Value" crashes Scribus. Fix some non translated UI strings. Mouse pointer keeps the wrong "L" symbol in determined condition. Backport 0012461 fix to 1.4.5.svn. Backport 0011400 fix to 1.4.5.svn. X-Pos/Y-Pos unit is not updated in "Nodes" window. Fix opening same document multiple times in Scribus 1.4. Add applyMasterPage command to scripter in Scribus 1.4. Fix wrong word in python error string. Undo does not behave as expected with linked Text Frames. Undo/Redo crashes Scribus if a linked Text Frame is edited and deleted. Changing opacity is extremely slow. Illogical behaviour of Extended Image Properties dialog with multi-layered PSD files. Catalan translation. Some non consistent tabstops . Edit/Delete crashes Scribus using JavaScripts. Scribus crashes after color change "due to Signal 11". Backport some fixes to untranslatable UI strings to 1.4.5.svn. Deleting Bezier Curve nodes crashes/freezes Scribus in determined condition. Spot colors invisible in the print preview tool. Broken UTF-8 encoding of license copyright and contributor names in 'About Scribus' license box. It is possible to create Bezier Curves with only 1 node. "Get Field Names" crashes Scribus if there is none. Translator email update. Opening a non compatible Scribus format disables "Action History". Trying to import emf