SigLens 0.2.17

SigLens is a cutting-edge, purpose-built solution designed to efficiently manage massive volumes of data ranging from terabytes to petabytes, all while optimizing resource utilization. Functioning as a column-oriented database, SigLens incorporates dynamic columnar compressions to achieve an impressive 90% compression across diverse data types, spanning from low to high cardinality datasets. One of SigLens' groundbreaking features is its micro indexing technology, a revolutionary advancement that significantly reduces the index size to just 1/100th of conventional indexes while maintaining equivalent functionality. These microindices exhibit dynamic adaptability, seamlessly adjusting to the evolving structure of the data. Introducing another innovative element, SigLens introduces AgileAggsTrees, a unique approach designed to accelerate aggregation queries with unparalleled speed. By combining these state-of-the-art technologies, SigLens promises an unparalleled data management experience. We cordially invite you to experience the power and efficiency of SigLens firsthand. Try out SigLens today and unlock a new realm of possibilities for handling and analyzing extensive datasets.

Tags go opensource monitoring splunk logging logs newrelic log-management hacktoberfest observability distributed-tracing log-search openteleme
License Apache
State initial

Recent Releases

0.2.1715 Jun 2024 02:25 minor feature: Release 0.2.17.
0.2.1410 Jun 2024 04:25 minor feature: Release 0.2.14.
0.2.1205 Jun 2024 15:25 minor feature: Release 0.2.12.
0.2.828 May 2024 15:45 minor feature: Release 0.2.8.
0.2.723 May 2024 08:25 minor feature: Relese 0.2.7.
0.2.618 May 2024 20:45 minor feature: Release 0.2.6.
0.2.411 May 2024 13:25 minor feature: Release 0.2.4.
0.2.307 May 2024 07:45 minor feature: Release 0.2.3.
0.2.202 May 2024 02:45 minor feature: Release 0.2.2.
0.2.120 Apr 2024 01:05 minor feature: Release 0.2.1.
0.1.3513 Apr 2024 01:25 minor feature: Release 0.1.35.
0.1.3308 Apr 2024 09:05 minor feature: Release 0.1.33.
0.1.3202 Apr 2024 05:45 minor feature: Release 0.1.32.
0.1.3127 Mar 2024 11:08 minor feature: