Recent Releases

3.119 Jul 2017 09:55 major feature: * Added AArch64 support * Implemented the remaining C99 math functions : lgamma, tgamma, erf, erfc, fabs, copysign, fmax, fmin, fdim, trunc, floor, ceil, round, rint, modf, ldexp, nextafter, frexp, hypot, and fmod. * Added dispatcher for x86 functions * Improved reduction of trigonometric functions * Added support for 32-bit x86, Cygwin, etc. * Improved tester
3.006 Feb 2017 05:51 major feature: * New API is defined * Functions for DFT are added * sincospi functions are added * gencoef now supports single, extended and quad precision in addition to double precision * Linux, Windows and Mac OS X are supported * GCC, Clang, Intel Compiler, Microsoft Visual C++ are supported * The library can be compiled as DLLs * Files needed for creating a debian package are now included
2.11011 Dec 2016 08:41 major feature: * The valid range of argument is extended for trig functions * Specification of each functions regarding to the domain and accuracy is added * A coefficient generation tool is added * New testing tools are introduced * Following functions returned incorrect values when the argument is very large or small : exp, pow, asinh, acosh * SIMD xsin and xcos returned values more than 1 when FMA is enabled * Pure C cbrt returned incorrect values when the argument is negative * tan_u1 returned values with more than 1 ulp of error on rare occasions * Removed support for Java language(because no one seems using this)