ssh-tools 1.7

collection of various tools using ssh the following tools are included * ssh-ping: check if host is reachable using ssh_config * ssh-version: shows version of the SSH server you are connecting to * ssh-diff: diff a file over SSH * ssh-facts: get some facts about the remote system * ssh-hostkeys: prints server host keys in several formats

Tags ssh bash cli
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.701 Nov 2021 03:15 minor feature: (2021-10-31). Added: ssh-force-password: Enforces password authentication. ssh-ping. - Option (-C) to connect/reconnect as soon as the host responds. - Exit Codes. - 1: More than 1 request lost. - 2: All requests lost. - Environment Variable. - SSH_PING_NO_COLORS: if set, no colors are shown (like -n).
1.624 Jan 2020 17:40 major feature: