GNU swbis 1.13

swbis implements and extends the POSIX packaging standard ISO/IEC 15068-2:1999. It includes swpackage, swverify, swcopy, swlist, and swinstall. It utilizes common system features like ssh for distribution, and GPG for package verification. Packages are simple tar/pax archives with an extra meta data directory. It's compatible with BSD/ and GNU/Linux systems and can convert Debian or RPM archives even.

Tags installation package-manager
License GNU GPLv3
State development

Recent Releases

1.1323 May 2016 10:25 minor bugfix: Minor, see./ChangeLog.
1.1206 Aug 2014 19:12 major feature: Pax extended headers are now supported for name and file attributes too long for traditional tar. The '-H pax' option of GNU tar is specified for all uses f the system tar utility. A runtime check is made to support generic tar as much as possible. Now multiple signatures are supported both in a package archive and in installed software. 'swpackage' now has capability to resign, add and delete signatures of a previously signed package. A series of bugs has been fixed.