Recent Releases

0.17.130 Dec 2017 09:45 minor feature: Add a deb package.
0.17.005 Nov 2017 16:05 minor feature: Improve log messages. Drop support for Python 3.3.
0.16.229 Oct 2017 07:05 minor feature: Improper tcdel output when executed with --tc-command/--tc-script options. Suppress an excessive warning message that outputted when executed with --tc-command/--tc-script options.
0.16.118 Oct 2017 22:45 minor feature: Modify an error message to be more informative. Add a temporary variable for further enhancements. Modify demessages. Add a demessage. failed to set a shaping rule when shaping rules existing and add ?. Bump version to 0.16.1.
0.16.009 Oct 2017 13:05 minor feature: Change --change option behavior to add a shaping rule if there are no existing rules: #88. Improve error messages. .
0.15.004 Sep 2017 10:45 minor feature: Support extra time units in delay specification: #86. Improve log messages.
0.14.121 Aug 2017 12:45 minor feature: Qdisc handle parsing failed when the handle include alphabet: #85. Tcdel failed when deleting the final filter with Python 3.
0.13.217 Aug 2017 09:45 minor feature: tcset --change option alters other defined rules: #79. Add config file existence check for the tcset. Add --stacktrace option for deging. Improve log messages. .
0.13.112 Aug 2017 14:45 minor feature: Handles negative NIC speed values: #81.
0.13.008 Aug 2017 13:25 minor feature: Add exclude options: #77 --exclude-dst-network. --exclude-src-network. --exclude-dst-port. --exclude-src-port. . --exclude-dst-network. --exclude-src-network. --exclude-dst-port. --exclude-src-port. Modify to --src-network option can be used without the --iptables option when using htb. .
0.12.204 Aug 2017 10:25 minor feature: Add a short option for the --device option. Tcset failed when using tbf.
0.12.118 Jul 2017 12:45 minor feature: Update helps. Update docs. Update docs. Update README. Remove an unnecessary u pre. Modify error messages. pylint cleanup. Update help. Update docs. Update requirements. Bump version to 0.12.1.
0.12.012 Jun 2017 17:25 minor feature: Add --change option to reduce shaping rule changing side effect: #68. Make a script file name created by tcshow --tc-script include target device names. Improve log messages. Avoid adding a shaping rule where a rule already existing path: #70 Modify to return proper exit code: #71 packaging Minor. Avoid adding a shaping rule where a rule already existing path: #70. Modify to return proper exit code: #71. packaging. Minor.
0.11.007 Jun 2017 09:05 minor feature: Add --duplicate/--reordering options: #67. Make tcset/tcdel commands executable without tc command installed when --tc-command/--tc-script options are used.
0.10.115 May 2017 05:45 minor feature: Add --src-port option: #51. . Improve log messages.
0.10.008 May 2017 12:05 minor feature: Add --src-port option. Improve log messages.
0.9.026 Mar 2017 03:45 major feature: Add IPv6 support: #61 #62. .
0.8.019 Mar 2017 17:05 minor feature: Add --tc-command option: display tc commands to be executed by tcconfig commands. Add --tc-script option: create a tc command script which include commands to be executed by tcconfig.
0.7.212 Mar 2017 21:45 minor feature: Error handling.
0.7.127 Feb 2017 05:45 minor feature: Failed to execute tcset when iproute2 version is older than 3.14.0. .
0.7.1-alpha16 Feb 2017 10:05 minor feature: Temporal solution for #54. .
0.7.028 Jan 2017 11:32 major feature: - #30: Filter routes support. Thanks to @JonathanLennox - #39: Allow 100 packet loss/corruption settings. Thanks to @pdavies. - #43: Multiple rules support. Thanks to @konetzed - Add `--add` option - Change default shaping algorithm from tbf to htb - Python 3.6 support - Improve log messages - Bug fixes