Valvula 1.0.8

Valvula is a high performance mail policy daemon for Postfix. It provides out of the box support for sender login mismatch, mail quotas, per user and per domain blacklists and whitelists, and much more. It is system administrator friendly, providing many automatic features like automatically detecting Postfix MySQL databases to determine local domains and local accounts. It is fully extensible through plugins.

License GNU GPL
State mature

Recent Releases

1.0.828 Nov 2017 17:31 cleanup: - Added new module (mod-object-resolver) to help valvulad engine to detect local addresses and domains for especific configurations not using MySQL like Plesk. - Added new policy (deny-unknown-local-mail-from='yes') to mod-bwl that allows to deny transactions using valid local domains to create forged mail-from addresses. This policy applies by default and can be controlled using regular mod-bwl rules. - Added new API interface that allows registering generic functions that are called to resolve if a domain or local address is a valid local destination. - Added generic SQLite interface to allow writing modules using this backend (used by mod-object-resolver). - Several corrections, improvements, doc updates...
1.0.709 Sep 2016 13:26 cleanup: - Added official support for Jessie and Centos7 - Improved mysql postfix configuration detection (fixes several issues with mod-bwl and other modules that relies on proper postfix mysql detection to really provide good information about if an account or domain is local). - Updated to allow testing local servers with no SASL indication. - Updated valvulad server and mod-bwl to provide more information when debug is enabled.
1.0.609 May 2016 09:26 cleanup: - Added support to create rules to block or whitelist just local-part@ - Wouter Paesen : reported a missing reference to exarg.h inside libvalvula-server-dev package - Updated mod-ticket to allow disabling some of the limits. - Various stable corrections
1.0.531 Aug 2015 15:15 cleanup: - Added official support to centOS (stable packages ready to use). - Several bugs were fixed (see details).
31 Aug 2015 15:14 minor feature: - Added official support to centOS (stable packages ready to use). - Several bugs were fixed (see details).
1.0.407 Aug 2014 22:32 major bugfix: Several issues where fixed around changing running user and its compatibility with reading postfix configuration files. Fixed mod-bwl that was failing in some cases due to an memory allocation problem. Fixed mod-mquota, it wasn't rotating user quotas properly in some cases. Making mod-ticket to report quota consumption using day before (to better match period used). Updated mod-slm to allow adding rules without mail from (or empty mail from). Added support to ping local server to check if it is alive and processing.