Recent Releases

0.4406 Jan 2018 06:45 minor bugfix: layout of features selection dialog. Build is now reproducible. License changed to GPLv3+. Windows binaries are again available.
0.4315 Dec 2016 23:25 minor bugfix: Images path lookups for installations to /opt. Startup when installed to /opt. When message could not be read back. Localization updates.
0.4219 Aug 2016 03:15 minor feature: Improved AppData metadata. Added ttyHS ports to selection. Localization updates.
0.4126 May 2016 06:05 minor bugfix: Crash with unicode home directory. Possible crashes in error handler. Improved error handling when scanning for Bluetooth devices.
0.4024 Nov 2015 03:15 minor bugfix: Correctly escape XML output. Make error message selectable. spurious D-Bus error message.
0.3919 Aug 2015 14:19 minor bugfix: Fixed connecting to phone with no SMSC set. Various code cleanups.
0.3829 Dec 2014 20:26 minor bugfix: Compatibility with latest wxPython releases. Fixed corrupted appdata metadata. Fixed broken desktop file due to Chinese translation. Translation updates.