watcherjs 3.3.6

watcher.js is a Node.js/Express/AngularJS based application that can be used to monitor service status. At regular intervals service specific defined messages, either as http requests or as raw data to sockets, are send to the service endpoints to find out their status. On the service status resolution, the status is stored internally and is made available either programmatically or via REST requests. The application, at design level, is extensible since custom defined behaviors can be easily applied.

Tags javascript service monitoring nodejs express angularjs
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.3.607 Jul 2016 07:29 major bugfix: Major bugs fixing at endpoint status history chart and minor bugs fixing at email notification mechanism
3.3.507 Nov 2015 06:37 minor feature: Built-in and custom resolution strategies dynamic parameterization
3.3.228 Oct 2015 16:05 minor feature: Built-in xpath selector resolution strategy Built-in css selector resolution strategy
3.3.111 Oct 2015 07:52 major feature: Rectify web console with RxJS library. Complete tests set for REST API and end to end tests using the protractor.
3.3.015 Sep 2015 19:45 major feature: Promisify API implementation using Q library
24 Aug 2015 13:46 major feature: Use SQLite for status history storage
3.2.024 Aug 2015 12:36 major feature: Use SQLite for status history storage