Wherever Change Directory 6.0.5

Wcd is a command-line program to change directory fast. It saves time typing at the keyboard. One needs to type only a part of a directory name and wcd will jump to it. Wcd has a fast selection method in case of multiple matches and allows aliasing and banning of directories. Wcd also includes a full screen interactive directory tree browser with speed search.

Tags utility cross-plattform shell
License GNU GPL
State mature

Recent Releases

6.0.523 Apr 2023 18:16 minor feature: New Romanian and Swedish translations of the UI and the manual. The Friulian translation has been updated.
6.0.401 Nov 2021 07:09 minor feature: A new Serbian translation of the manual, and the French and Esperanto translations have been updated.
6.0.314 Aug 2019 15:13 minor feature: New French translations have been added for UI messages and the manual. Console resizing support for Windows 10 Command Prompt and ConEmu has been added.
6.0.211 May 2018 00:14 minor feature: A new Friulian translation has been added, and the Spanish translation has been updated.
6.0.128 Aug 2017 21:17 minor bugfix: This release fixes a bug in the DOS, OS/2, and Windows versions that was present since version 5.3.3. When a user typed drive and directory name (e.g. wcd d:games), wcd did not find the directory. New Brazilian Portuguese translations have been added for the UI messages and the manual.
6.0.021 Feb 2017 22:38 major feature: The disk scanning on Windows and Unix is faster. A new Danish translation has been added. Option -rmtree has been fixed for Unicode file names on Windows. On OS/2 EMX symbolic links are supported, and bash on OS/2 is supported.
5.3.404 Jan 2017 18:34 minor feature: New Serbian translation. The code was cleaned up.
5.3.316 Oct 2016 21:47 minor feature: A new option -ls was added to list the aliases. Wcd for Windows with Unicode support supports now Unicode aliases. The code was cleaned up.
5.3.219 Feb 2016 06:07 minor bugfix: This release fixes the problem that Chinese messages were not correctly printed on Windows. The English-only packages don't contain the international manual pages any more. There was some cleanup of the makefiles.
5.3.102 Dec 2015 23:57 minor feature: New simplified Chinese translation of the messages.
5.3.024 Sep 2015 18:02 minor bugfix: Faster loading of the graphical tree, in about one third less time. Fixed reading UTF-16 treedata files. Check for file I/O errors while reading files.
5.2.705 May 2015 17:22 minor bugfix: Fixed a compilation error that happened on some systems.
5.2.619 Jan 2015 20:38 minor bugfix: Improved screen update in Windows Console for CJK fonts. Updates for msys2. Bugfix: function was overwriting shell's go variable. Fix in replacing volume manager path with HOME for other users.