Wt 3.3.4-rc1

Wt (pronounced "wit-ty") is a C++ web development library providing widget-centric interfaces. It abstracts HTTP/AJAX client-server communication into standard/stateful application design patterns, takes care of JavaScript+HTML generation and interaction, and covers cross-browser support (graceful degradation and progressive enhancement oriented). Wt comes with a FastCGI-based application server. And there's also JWt, a Java-based version of C++ Wt. HTML templating, Bootstrap or widget layout managers are supported, widgets for forms, tables, dialogs, popups and tree views provided, 2D and 3D graphic APIs that map to HTML5 canvas, OpenGL, and SVG, or PNG and PDF generation, HTML to PDF conversion, and has built-in XSS and CSRF prevention.

Tags c++ java javascript framework www dynamic-html widgets layout-manager web-framework developers user-interfaces ajax
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.3.4-rc123 Oct 2014 06:45 minor bugfix: This release has a focus on bug fixes but also one or two new features. Support for dedicated session processes with wthttp connector. Several new features in the 3D charts library. WIdentityProxyModel simply forwards the structure of the source model, without any transformation, and can be used for implementing proxy models that reimplement data(), but retain all other characteristics of the source model.