xppq - The Epeios XML preprocessor 20150927

xppq is a command-line tool which transforms an XML file to another XML file, following directives inserted directly in the source XML file. This directives allow to handle macros, to affect value to variables and to test their values, to include files… In a glance, xppq aims to be to XML what cpp is to C/C++. It is developed in C++, and uses only system and C/C++ standard libraries, so it doesn't need third party components. It can run on GNU/Linux (and probably most POSIX-compliant operating systems), OS X and Windows, natively on IA-32, AMD64 and ARM (AArch32 and AArch64 natively) architectures.

Tags xml c++ darwin macos ms-dos windows posix linux cross-plattform console os x arm 32-bit 64-bit aarch32 aarch64 raspberry pi odroid
License Affero GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

2015092730 Sep 2016 15:26 minor feature: In addition of the common IA-32 and AMD64 architectures (most PC under GNU/Linux, OS X, GNU/Linux...), and also the ARM 32-bit (AArch32) architecture (first Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, ODROID... devices), it is now possible to use this tool natively on ARM 64-bit (AArch64) architecture (Raspberry Pi 3, coming Banana Pi BPI-M64, ODROID-C2...).
2015060424 Aug 2015 19:50 major feature: