Recent Releases

0.107.4806 Apr 2024 15:25 minor bugfix: See also the v0.107.48 GitHub milestone ms-v0.107.48 . : Access settings not being applied to encrypted protocols (). ms-v0.107.48 :
0.107.4621 Mar 2024 03:15 minor feature: See also the v0.107.46 GitHub milestone ms-v0.107.46 . Added: Ability to disable the use of system hosts file information for query resolution (). Ability to define custom directories for storage of query log files and statistics (). Changed: Private rDNS resolution (`dns.use_private_ptr_resolvers` in YAML configuration) now requires a valid "Private reverse DNS servers", when enabled (). NOTE: Disabling private rDNS resolution behaves effectively the same as if no private reverse DNS servers provided by user and by the OS. : Statistics for 7 days displayed by day on the dashboard graph (). Missing "served from cache" label on long DNS server strings (). Incorrect tracking of the system hosts file's changes (). ms-v0.107.46 :
0.107.4506 Mar 2024 20:49 minor feature: ### Added - Timezones in the Etc/ area to the timezone list ( #6568 ). - The schema version of the configuration file to the output of running `AdGuardHome` (or `AdGuardHome.exe`) with `-v --version` command-line options ( #6545 ). - Ability to disable plain-DNS serving via UI if an encrypted protocol is already used ( #1660 ). ### Changed - The bootstrapped upstream addresses are now updated according to the TTL of the bootstrap DNS response ( #6321 ). - Logging level of timeout errors is now `error` instead of `debug` ( #6574 ). - The field `"upstream_mode"` in `POST /control/dns_config` and `GET /control/dns_info` HTTP APIs now accepts `load_balance` value. Check `openapi/` for more details.