BRL-CAD 7.38.2

BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform open source combinatorial solid modeling system that includes an interactive 3D solid geometry editor, a network-distributed symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) high-performance ray-tracer with support for rendering and geometric analysis, image and signal-processing tools, a system performance analysis benchmark suite, a flexible geometry scripting interface, and a high-performance geometric representation and analysis library.

Tags cad cpp c
License Other
State stable

Recent Releases

7.38.221 Mar 2024 04:45 minor feature: Added "rtsurf" exterior surface area tool prototype - Sean Morrison. Updated sqlite3 to version 3.45.1 - Cliff Yapp. Updated libpng to version 1.6.43 - Cliff Yapp. Updated zlib to version 1.3.1 - Cliff Yapp. Updated and corrected dbconcat man page - Cliff Yapp. Improved ambient occlusion rt during -k cut planes - Sean Morrison. Changed rt ambient occlusion randomization default - Sean Morrison. Added ambient occlusion example to rt manual pages - Sean Morrison. Rtweight output display inside MGED - Chris McGregor. Added shipping container example geometry model - Josh Baker. Added traffic light example geometry model - Chris McGregor. Improved rtwizard command-line option reporting - Sean Morrison. Added self-intersecting torus ray tracing support - Sean Morrison. rt crash rendering to -F/dev/null - Sean Morrison. Added mater man page density table example - Chris McGregor. Adjusted default ghosting intensity in rtwizard - Josh Baker. MGED command line handling of objects named 'y' - Cliff Yapp. Double printing of last 'search -exec' result - Chris McGregor. Improve 'search -v' to support multiple levels - Chris McGregor. Update 'search -v' to report # of objects found - Chris McGregor. Added a "bots only" mode to script - Cliff Yapp. Asc2g/g2asc support for brep primitives - Cliff Yapp. Added brep and bot versions of pinewood.g model - Josh Baker. Added new.g example file "Annual Gift Man" - Josh Baker. Dsp terrain file data loading for relative paths - Cliff Yapp. Updated Manifold lib for improved facetize robustness - Cliff Yapp.
7.38.006 Jan 2024 16:45 minor feature: This major release of BRL-CAD introduces significant improvements to the robustness of the facetize command by leveraging the Manifold library for boolean evaluation of meshes. Facetization is an operation that converts boolean CSG hierarchies to evaluated triangle meshes, commonly used as a preliminary step in geometry export. As an example, the following results show before-and-after differences when processing high level assemblies in BRL-CAD's example geometry files: success, old: 88.9 (249 of 280) Time elapsed: 7256 seconds success, new: 98.9 (277 of 280) Time elapsed: 1044 seconds * add 'brep dump' subcommand to write out brep objects - Cliff Yapp * improve 'x' default behavior in MGED - Chris McGregor * fixed 'edcolor' and 'color -e' on Windows - Chris McGregor * ported fbcolor, fblabel, fbpoint, fbzoom to Windows - Sean Morrison * new 'gist' tool for generating 1-page geometry info summary reports - Allyson Hoskinson, Andrew Plant, Mark Sturtevant, - Danny Chen, Michael Tao, Sean Morrison * add support for dbconcat -O (overwrite) - Chris McGregor * improved 'lc' -d and -m interactions with aircodes - Chris McGregor * fixed 'make bot' inverted face normals - Chris McGregor * fixed 'l' evaluation for pathed objects - Chris McGregor * improved MGED faceplate params control, added font_size - Cliff Yapp * fix MGED 'brep' command crashing without database open - Cliff Yapp * fix MGED 'pnts read' and 'make_pnts' commands - Chris McGregor * improved NURBS editing functionality - Gregory Li * fix MGED 'listval' crashing with max path lengths - Chris McGregor * fixed garbage_collect MGED command on Windows - Cliff Yapp * fixed archer crashing with 'make' command - Cliff Yapp * improved and restructured rtwizard's manual page - Sean Morrison * fixed E command in MGED - Cliff Yapp * made improvements to a variety of manual pages - Josh Baker * remove bundled burst tool (DEPRECATED 7.32) - Cliff Yapp