AFNIX Writing System 3.9.0

The Afnix writing system is a multi-threaded functional writing system with dynamic symbol bindings that support the object oriented paradigm. The Afnix writing system is a comprehensive set of application clients, modules and services. The original distribution contains the core interpreter with additional clients like the compiler, the librarian and the debugger. The distribution contains also a rich set of modules that are dedicated to a particular domains.

Tags programming language functional multi-threaded
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases

3.9.022 Jan 2024 08:25 minor feature:
3.8.009 Jan 2024 16:06 major bugfix:
3.1.022 Jan 2020 14:35 major bugfix: This release is new major release for year 2020 as it inaugurates the third cycle. Important features includes a revisited task engine, new services and numerous objects updates. Release 3.0.0 was an internal release.
2.9.307 Feb 2019 14:38 major bugfix: This release incorporates an important fix which removes a potential deadlock in the output stream object.
2.9.221 Jan 2019 22:43 major feature: This release incorporates a minor fix to handle ip numerical address, 32 bits platform inconsistencies removal, better clang compiler support and documentation improvements. The release also incorporates patches to support the RISCV architecture.