Recent Releases

1.10.006 Jun 2015 09:25 minor feature: Source code (zip) . Source code (tar.gz).
1.9.223 May 2015 07:45 minor feature:
1.9.008 Dec 2014 03:16 minor feature: Base exception marker interface for the library Custom exception classes based on the native PHP ones Update Process interface: methods kill(), terminate() and wait() should not throws exception anymore but return its success or failure Update Child class according to the new interface Update Pool class according to the new interface
1.7.001 Dec 2014 01:05 minor feature: Add "composer.lock" file to the repository Add autoload-dev directive to "composer.json" file Add instalation of "uopz" PECL extension in Scrutinizer settings Add instalation of "uopz" PECL extension in Travis settings Convert Exceptions to array on Context::toArray() Create methods overwrite() and restor() on Arara Test TestCase class to help overwriting and restoring PHP functions Move TestCase class to Arara Test namespace Move PHPUnit unit tests to "tests/unit" Remove "bootstrap.php" file used as boottrap in PHPUnit test suite Remove "event" property from Context object Remove pcntl_* and posix_* overwritten functions Remove checking of JSON_PRETTY_PRINT constant from code examples Remove PHP 5.3 version from Travis settings file Remove support for version 5.3 of PHP Update "composer.json" file with the minimum supported PHP version Update "" icons (Travis, Scrutinizer, Packagist, Bitdeli) Update "" with the minimum supported PHP version Use "uopz" PECL extension to overwrite functions
1.5.018 Nov 2014 09:45 cleanup: Create Daemon action class. Create method on Control class to flush memory and sleep. Improve Callback action class. Improve Child and Action events. Improve Pidfile class.