BallroomDJ 3.24.3

BallroomDJ is a ballroom music player. It is designed to let the computer choose the music and to be able to play music the entire evening without intervention. It features flexible playlists, music queue management, requests, seeking in songs, speed with pitch control, and an optional audio file organizer. Songs may be adjusted with start and end trimming, speed adjustments and volume adjustments without changing the audio file.

Tags end-users linux macos windows bsd tk tcl player ballroom
License Zlib
State stable

Recent Releases

3.24.325 Nov 2018 01:02 minor bugfix: 3.24.3 (2018-11-24) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fix a situation where the display was incorrect after an edit (cache not invalidated). Windows Installer: Fix an issue installing 32-bit on a 64-bit machine. Windows Installer: Fix a failure to install binaries when leftover backup files were present. Linux doc: fixed installation notes (rrusk, ticket #1). Mac OS X: minor menubar display fix. Import from iTunes: Cleaned up display. Player: Fixed a crash when no song can be selected for playing. Synchronization: Make copy-to more careful about when files can be removed from the target folder. Internal: BSD integrated volume control. BSD is working again. Update Tcl/Tk to version 8.6.9 (but not MacOS). Rebuild all binaries for all platforms (not MacOS). Clean up auto_path/known missing packages to improve startup time.
3.24.226 Oct 2018 17:40 minor bugfix: 3.24.2 (2018-10-26) (stable) Bug Fixes: Mac OS X: Fix font chooser, BPM counter
3.24.123 Oct 2018 03:41 major bugfix: 3.24.1 (2018-10-22) (stable) Bug Fixes: Mac OS X: Get desktop icon working again. Mac OS X: Use DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH rather than DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. Mac OS X: Fix 'About' from global menu. Mac OS X: Fix font chooser, BPM counter. Help: Music Manager: Moved the menu selections to the main music manager help selection. Internal: Mac OS X: File cleanup.
3.24.017 Oct 2018 18:07 minor feature: 3.24.0 (2018-10-17) (stable) Combined change log for versions 3.23.0-3.24.0 A couple of important fixes for Mac OS X. The 'Update' function will be much faster for future updates. A repair mode was added to the 'Update' function. Various bug fixes. Better theme support. Windows high-contrast themes will now work properly. Check-buttons and radio-buttons have been reverted to use the native default. If you need a scaled check-button and radio-button, there is a user interface option to turn these on. New Features: Music Manager: Added duplicate song check based on the MusicBrainz recording id. Moved most of the themes into a separate package that can be downloaded from the update screen. Update: add download for themes. Update: add repair option for themes and for the main program. Changes: Embedded Player: The music manager in playback mode and the music editor will now use a different layout for the embedded player to preserve more horizontal space. Edit Song List: Changed the dance count display to use the listing font size. Song List Editor: Use the maximum play time from the playlist if possible. Song List Editor: Fill the dance counts window width as much as possible. Make awlight the default theme for Linux. Audio Identification: Made pane divider draggable. Colors: removed quicksave border, tooltip border, disabled, field, readonly field, disabled field color and treeview background settings. Themes: Added awdark, awlight theme. Font chooser: clean up ui. Update: make friendlier and better error messages. Replace spinbox with localized, scalable version. Revert all systems to use the native checkbuttons by default. Options: Added an option to use scaled widgets (radiobutton, checkbutton). Bug Fixes: Mac OS X: Fixed startup of VLC. Edit Dances/Levels/Status: Fixed. Edit Levels: Fixed save of default. MP3 Tags: fix various bugs with UFID processing (musicbrainz_trackid). The upgrade process will fix any UFID tags if write tags is set to 'all'. Music Mana
3.22.904 Oct 2018 18:44 minor bugfix: 3.22.9 (2018-10-4) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Various fixes for listing display. Music Manager: Removed duplicated sort option. Sep 2018 04:12 minor bugfix: (2018-9-28) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed listing display. Sep 2018 03:46 minor bugfix: (2018-9-28) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed display.
3.22.824 Sep 2018 15:23 minor bugfix: 3.22.8 (2018-9-24) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed display for long titles.
3.22.713 Sep 2018 13:09 minor bugfix: 3.22.7 (2018-9-13) (stable) Bug Fixes: Options: per-machine settings were incorrectly being saved as per-machine-per-profile. Options: allow edit setting moved to per-profile. Options: web server settings moved to per-profile. BPM Counter: fix. Options: fix resizable frame bouncing.
3.22.631 Jul 2018 00:43 minor bugfix: 3.22.6 (2018-7-30) (stable) Changes: Sample Files: Install a standardrounds playlist in addition to the standardrounds sequence. Sample Files: Install a sample automatic playlist. Sample Files: Only install once ever. The sample files may be deleted and they will not reappear. Quickplay: made easier to use. Embed player for dance only. Synchronization: Synchronize song lists and playlists also. Themes: Added the equilux theme. Bug Fixes: iTunes: Fix setup process (introduced in 3.19.6) Song List Editor: Set the selection to the first selection when selecting for a new song list. History: Requeue: Fix to use maximum play time. OGG/Vorbis: Fixed bug reading tags. Help: Fixed ui layout. Internal: Updated tDOM to version 0.9.1. Windows: Updated vorbis-tools to version 1.4.0 Replace semi-normalize routine.
3.22.524 Jul 2018 03:52 minor bugfix: 3.22.5 (2018-7-23) (stable) Changes: Improved so that running another BallroomDJ installation does not require modification of the temporary folder. Themes: Added the scid themes. Bug Fixes: Organization: Fixed various bugs with edit organization path screen. Synchronization: Removed requirement that autoorganize be on. Synchronization: On 'replace database with', copy all of the autoorganization settings from the master. Windows: 32-bit: Replace incorrect winvolume.exe program. Windows: Initial music folder path should now be properly localized. Internal: Mutagen updated to version 1.41.0.
3.22.419 Jul 2018 03:59 minor bugfix: 3.22.4 (2018-7-18) (stable) Changes: Made it possible to type in folder paths again. Added validation indicator. Made it possible to run another BallroomDJ in a different folder at the same time. Each installation of BallroomDJ must use a different temporary folder. Bug Fixes: Linux: Options/Player: Fix audio output drop-down display. Options: Player: Fix entry and validation of startup/shutdown scripts. Internal: Mac OS X: Update initial temporary folder. Prep next song at least 7 seconds before the end.
3.22.310 Jul 2018 15:52 minor bugfix: '''3.22.3''' (2018-7-10) (stable) Combined change log for 3.22.1 through 3.22.3 Changes: Linux: Add integrated ALSA volume control. Song Server: Display a wait message while files are being transferred. Song Server: Transfer meta files whenever the player is closed. Raffle Game: Add a no sound option. Bug Fixes: Web Server: minor CSS updates Web Server: fixed an issue when the BDJ buttons were in the focused state. Web Server: fixed crashes. Song Server: Get working again; many bug fixes and cleanup. Song Server: Fixed on windows. Song Server: Work-around for bad http code on windows. Linux: Fixed interface to pavolume program. Windows: Fix IP address fetch for older windows. Multiple Instances: On database update, make sure all instances reload the database. Fixed an intermittent socket issue that caused the application to stop working. Internal: Mutagen: make regex cleanup more precise. Minor Code cleanup. Update tests to support client/server mode. Added missing src/ files to manifest.
3.22.030 Jun 2018 16:48 minor feature: 3.22.0 (2018-6-30) (stable) New Features: Music Manager: Add the ability to choose which search fields to display and in what order. Changes: BPM Counter: Space bar can now to be used to count beats. Windows: The windows/imdisk.bat script was renamed to windows/imdisk-m.bat. Music Manager: Rearranged 'sort by' field to gain some horizontal real estate. Updated help. Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Playback Mode: Fixed a backwards compatibility issue. Field Selection: Fixed help.
3.21.415 Jun 2018 15:58 minor bugfix: 3.21.4 (2018-6-15) (stable) Changes: Player: Marquee: Add a fade color so that the next song in the dance list is highlighted better. Player: Add option selection to turn images on and off. Bug Fixes: Multiple Instances: Fixed initialization. (introduced in 3.19.3) Images: Fix again. Bad code in image utility. Music Manager: Playback mode: Enable fade button with embedded player.
3.21.309 Jun 2018 20:59 minor bugfix: 3.21.3 (2018-6-9) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: Fix incorrectly compiled pulseaudio interface. Linux: Rebuild 64-bit binaries on Ubuntu 16.04.
3.21.208 Jun 2018 15:53 major bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.21.2 (2018-6-8) (stable) Bug Fixes: Player: Fix seek to song start with tclvlc interface (introduced in 3.20.0).
3.21.128 May 2018 08:20 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.21.1 (2018-5-27) (stable) Changes: Music Manager: Add sort by notes/dance/title. Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed incorrect procedure change.
3.21.027 May 2018 21:49 minor feature: BallroomDJ 3.21.0 (2018-5-27) (stable) New Features: Added 'Notes' field. Changes: Update help. Music Manager: Playback Mode: double click will select the song, not play it. Player: Do not display '= ' button in player unless started by the editor. Image Assignment: Added a 'do not display' selection. Bug Fixes: Image Player: Fixed video width. Embed video on windows. Hide image window when playing video on non-windows platforms. Image Assignment: Sort image list. Image Player/Assignment: various minor bug fixes. Fixed check for image conversion program.
3.20.222 May 2018 23:47 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.20.2 (2018-5-22) (stable) Changes: Music Manager: Playback mode: switch back to the music manager on song end. Music Manager: Playback mode: add an embedded player option. Bug Fixes: Linux: MPV is only available for 64-bit. Music Manager: Playback mode: fix save of options.
3.20.106 May 2018 16:39 minor feature: 3.20.1 (2018-5-6) (stable) New Features: Linux: Added support for the MPV music player via libmpv. Bug Fixes: Fixed missing color changes for some themes. Added support for Mac OS X graphite color. Linux: MPV: Update MPV interface. Windows: MPV: Removed, does not work for .flac files. Player: Export for CD: Fixed to reset properly on errors. Internal: Player: Cleaned up timing issues. Fixed some tests. Merge in changes from 3.19.10.
3.19.1029 Apr 2018 04:09 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.19.10 (2018-4-28) (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fix marks for songs that have been played (introduced in 3.16.0).
3.19.912 Apr 2018 04:40 minor bugfix: 3.19.9 (stable) Bug Fixes: Music Manager: Fixed track sort (introduced in Apr 2018 02:01 minor bugfix: (2018-4-9) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: Fix install. Windows Install: Properly install the startup program. Player: Fixed incorrect max play time when repeat is on.
3.19.706 Apr 2018 13:21 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.19.7 (2018-4-5) (stable) Changes: Force switch the player from 'VLC' to 'Integrated VLC' if possible. VLC: allow seek at slow speeds for VLC version 3.0.0 and later. Organization: Added iTunes default organization path. Font Scale: Rearranged display. Bug Fixes: Options: User Interface: always set font display. Fixed an issue with comboboxes interacting badly with scrolling areas and resizable frames. Song List Editor: Added some validation for song list names. Song List Editor: Fix dance display when marquee display is updated. Fixed issues with incorrect and bouncing resizable frames. Linux: Match menu colors to current standard. Internal: More robust windows install for .exe and .dll files. Rearranged files. Code cleanup. Removed all telemetry code as I don't think it will help that much. Windows: Moved SoX into the BallroomDJ install package. Prepare for libmpv support (the libmpv interface is not quite working yet).
3.19.626 Mar 2018 23:23 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.19.6 (2018-3-26) (stable) Bug Fixes: Fixed display problems in help and dialogs (tree view) when font scaling or the font size is changed. Options: User Interface: Fix width sizing again.
3.19.517 Mar 2018 04:55 minor bugfix: BallroomDJ 3.19.5 (2018-3-16) (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: Update installer for Ubuntu 14.04, allow ffmpeg to not get installed.
3.19.416 Mar 2018 05:55 minor feature: BallroomDJ 3.19.4 (2018-3-15) (Combined change log for 3.19.x) New Features: Player: option to embed the history display in the player view. Song List Editor: Added a restore backup function. Player: Added a menu selection to open the player and marquee options. Changes: Song List Editor: Implemented locking so that multiple ballroomdj instances cannot edit the same song list. Player: Moved the 'pause each song' button into the action menu. History: Moved 'requeue as external' into the history menu. Player: Removed option to place music queue on the right. Bug Fixes: Remove characters when writing tags to prevent a crash. Music Manager: Fix a crash with the mouse wheel. Song List Editor: Mark as modified when a selection is added. Music Manager: Fixed number of lines displayed when switching between different display modes. Song Lists: Cleaned up backup rotation. Internal: Upgrade mutagen to version 1.40.0
3.19.125 Feb 2018 02:40 minor bugfix: 3.19.1 (2018-2-24) (development) Bug Fixes: Player: Fixed incorrect display due to embedded history pane.
3.19.023 Feb 2018 02:57 minor feature: 3.19.0 (2018-2-23) (stable) New Features: Player: option to embed the history display in the player view. Changes: Player: Moved the 'pause each song' button into the action menu. History: Moved 'requeue as external' into the history menu. Player: Removed option to place music queue on the right. Internal: Upgrade mutagen to version 1.40.0
3.18.402 Feb 2018 03:05 minor bugfix: 3.18.4 2018-1-30 (stable) Bug Fixes: Linux: Install: Add support for OpenSUSE. Linux: Install: Add support for Solus. Linux: Install: Fixes for arch installation. Linux: Fix check for libvlc for newer 64-bit debian based systems. Linux: Add support for OpenSUSE, Solus. Fix refresh button for audio sink list. Internal: Linux: rearrange files.
3.18.308 Jan 2018 20:08 minor bugfix: 3.18.3 (2018-1-8) (stable) Changes: Telemetry: Added a switch in the global options to turn telemetry off. Bug Fixes: Linux: Install: Cleaned up the INSTALLER script so that it is more user friendly. Linux: Install: arch: Remove vlc-nightly for Manjaro systems. Linux: Install: fedora: Fixed missing Fedora 27 dependency. Linux: Fixed scaling and display of checkboxes. Options: Marquee: Fix width adjustment for font name. Font chooser: Fixed display width. Internal: File rearrangement. 3.18.2 (2017-12-30) (stable) Bug Fixes: Fix telemetry reporting and errorlog reporting to report on startup, not exit.
3.18.128 Dec 2017 21:09 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: Black: Fixed file manager text color. Multiple Instances: Clean up startup search to use existing defined instances first. Windows 32-bit: Reverted to use mutagen version 1.38 (broken in version 3.17.0 - Windows XP not supported by 1.39). Linux: Fedora: Added work arounds for Fedora problems. About: fix to work when no network connection. Internal: Added telemetry to see what functions are used so that support can be improved. Can be turned off with the .bdjnosend file. Updated Tcl/Tk to version 8.6.8.
3.18.023 Dec 2017 19:42 minor feature: New Features: Player: History: Create a new song list from the history of played songs. Changes: Song List Editor: Export/Import for BallroomDJ: Linux: ui change to remove volume path. Bug Fixes: Player: History: Fix history display on startup and on finish of played song. Update: fixed for future versions. Song List Editor: Export/Import for BallroomDJ: fixed various issues.
3.17.214 Dec 2017 02:37 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: Attempt a fix for a rare crash when using the mouse wheel. Linux: Added support for Fedora systems in INSTALLER script. Linux: Fixed support for SoX on arch based systems (INSTALLER). Linux/Fedora: work around a bug.
3.17.112 Dec 2017 12:43 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes: Player: More fixes for a potential crash on exit. Fixed background color issues. Music Manager: Fixed display of marks for played songs. Music Manager: continuous playback mode is disabled except when in playback mode. Player: Fix volume reset on exit when there are multiple instances of ballroomdj running. Player: Fix rounding error display for countdown timers. Multiple Instances: Fixed a bug registering the main instance. Fixes for possible socket hangs.
3.17.023 Nov 2017 13:38 minor feature: New Features: Music Manager: Playback mode has been enhanced with a 'continuous playback' option. Player: Added an option to insert requests at the currently selected position in the music queue instead of at the end. Changes: Linux: Added support for arch based systems to the linux installer. Bug Fixes: Player: Fixed an occasional crash with an unitialized variable. Fixed a potential crash when a bad song list file was loaded. Export for CD: Fixed a crash when the audio file is missing. Export as M3U: Fixed a potential crash with bad audio files. Music Manager/Auto-Organize: Fixed rename handling. Player/History: Prevent a possible crash. Clean up icons. Internal: Upgraded mutagen to version 1.39. Oct 2017 12:34 minor bugfix: Bug Fixes : Fixed update function (broken in 3.15.0) Oct 2017 13:19 minor feature: New Features : Audio identification services using MusicBrainz and AcoustID; Automatic and sequenced playlists can select songs based on the BPM range. Changes : Export for CD will now convert .m4a, .wma and other previously unsupported audio file types. Bug Fixes : Mac OS X startup fixed. Fixed for 'export for CD' function; many other bug fixes.
3.13.429 Jul 2017 16:49 minor bugfix: Various bug fixes.
3.13.225 Jul 2017 12:55 minor feature: Dual Queue interface has been enhanced and made easier to use; Added a per dance maximum play time to playlists; New web interface with some basic controls; Bug fixes.
3.10.508 Jun 2017 04:46 minor feature: Bug Fixes: (a) Song List Editor: Import from BallroomDJ: (1) Fixed display of status messages. (2) Re-using an existing song list name will now overwrite it properly. (3) Fixed a crash on import. (4) Fixed focus on entry field. (b) Linux: (1) Updated installation to replace any python-mutagen with the current working version. (2) Updates to linux sample scripts. (3) Initial startup will attempt a work-around for xfce maximize problem. (4) Fixed volume glitch on startup (VLC volume is tied to pulseaudio).