Recent Releases

1.6.210 May 2016 01:05 minor feature: CBignum ctor with negative value. BzModExp accepts negative modulus value. BzModExp exponent is BigZ as it can be really big like with RSA. Add BzFromStringLen that pass the length of string. Add experimental BzModExp using Right-to-left binary method. std::ios::showpos test used to display '+' for positive numbers. Optimize left and right shift with loop unrolling. Dramatically improve (ash +/- 1 n). Now computed in O(1) V.S. O(n).
1.6.003 May 2016 05:25 minor feature: CBignum class has been improved.
1.5.625 Oct 2015 03:16 minor feature: Use a newer config.guess version to support recent systems.
1.5.503 Jan 2015 13:05 minor bugfix: Build shared lib with gcc. Add install/uninstall Makefile entries. Add and Add BzPow(base, exp).