Roundup Issue Tracker 2.0.0alpha0

Roundup is a simple-to-use and install issue-tracking system with web, command-line xmlrpc, rest (in the 2.0 development line) and e-mail interfaces. It is based on the winning design from Ka-Ping Yee in the Software Carpentry Track design competition. Downloading the source allows you to start a demo instance in a few minutes to see if it will fill your needs. Unpack the tarball and run: python

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State alpha

Recent Releases

2.0.0alpha023 Oct 2019 18:50 major feature: Release version 2.0.0alpha0 of the Roundup issue tracker has been possible due to the help of several contributors. This release contains some major changes, so make sure to read `docs/upgrading.txt `_ to bring your tracker up to date. The changes, as usual, include some new features and many bug fixes. You can download it with: pip download roundup==2.0.0alpha0 then unpack and test/install the tarball. Among the notable improvements are: Roundup is multilingual and will run under either Python 3 or Python 2. If you want to use Python 3, you *must read* the Python 3 Support section in the upgrading doc. Depending on the database backend you may have to export/import the tracker. Also you will need to make sure your tracker's Python code is Python 3 compliant. Thanks to Joseph Myers with help from Christof Meerwald. Roundup has a rest API to go along with the existing xmlrpc API. See doc/rest.txt for details on configuring, authorizing access (per role) and making a request. Thanks to Ralf Schlatterbeck who integrated and updated Chau Nguyen's GSOC code. PGP encryption is now done using the gpg module and not the obsolete pyme library. Thanks to Christof Meerwald. Use of mod_python is deprecated. Apache mod_wsgi documentation has been updated along with gunicorn and uwsgi and is the preferred mechanism. The file CHANGES.txt has a detailed list of feature additions and bug fixes. The most recent changes from there are at the end of this announcement. Also see the information in doc/upgrading.txt. How You Can Help ================ We are looking for one or two front end developers to kick the tires on the rest interface. The rest interface is available by running as described below. If you are interested in helping please contact "rouilj+rit at".
1.6.113 Jul 2019 13:27 minor bugfix: Features: - doc updates. Link rot fixed and some grammar changes. 'Provisional User' config example fixed. Issue tracker is now https. (John Rouillard) Fixed: - issue2550994: avoid breakage caused by use of backports of Python 3 configparser module to Python 2. (Joseph Myers) - issue2551023: Fix CSRF headers for use with wsgi and cgi. The env variable array used - separators rather than _. Compare: HTTP_X-REQUESTED-WITH to HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH. The last is correct. Also fix roundup-server to produce the latter form. (Patch by Cedric Krier, reviewed/applied John Rouillard.) - issue2551035 - fix XSS issue in wsgi and cgi when handing url not found/404. Reported by hannob at, issue opened by JulienPalard. - issue2551029: Jinja2 template install error. Remove config.ini from templates to make sure that roundup-admin install writes a new default config.ini based on - issue2551029: Jinja2 template install error. Handle issue with template's config.ini not getting updated. Provide an alternate file: config_ini.ini for required config settings that are merged into the default values producing an up to date config.ini on install.
1.6.009 Jun 2019 23:39 major feature: Requires Python 2.7 now issue2550690 - CSRF protection improved issue2550799: provide basic support for handling html only emails issue2550880: Ability to choose password store scheme and SSHA support. Allow multiple file uploads: If the html template specifies multiple="multiple" for a file upload the user can attach multiple files issue2550886: Add support for an integer type to join the existing number type. issue2550636, issue2550909: Added support for Whoosh fill text indexer. issue2550767: Add detector to notify users of new items. Many more feature and bug fixes.