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4.1.117 Apr 2024 14:25 minor feature:
4.128 Mar 2024 02:45 minor feature:
4.0.207 Dec 2023 11:05 minor feature:
4.0.119 Nov 2023 18:05 minor feature:
4.015 Nov 2023 22:05 minor feature:
3.6.520 Oct 2023 07:25 minor feature:
3.6.427 Sep 2023 14:05 minor feature:
3.6.322 Sep 2023 07:25 minor feature:
3.6.218 Aug 2023 07:05 minor feature:
3.6.119 Jul 2023 03:25 minor feature:
3.628 Jun 2023 07:05 minor feature:
3.5.126 Apr 2023 07:05 minor feature:
3.530 Mar 2023 11:05 minor feature:
3.4.121 Dec 2022 06:45 minor feature:
3.408 Dec 2022 03:25 minor feature:
3.3.106 Oct 2022 11:25 minor feature:
3.308 Sep 2022 00:45 minor feature:
3.2.204 Aug 2022 03:17 minor feature:
3.2.107 Jul 2022 10:45 minor feature:
3.2.009 Jun 2022 07:25 minor feature:
3.1.202 Apr 2022 11:05 minor feature:
3.110 Mar 2022 03:17 minor feature:
3.0.127 Jan 2022 03:25 minor feature:
3.004 Dec 2021 07:25 minor feature:
2.93.618 Nov 2021 03:16 minor feature:
2.93.508 Oct 2021 07:25 minor feature:
2.93.402 Sep 2021 06:45 minor feature:
2.93.319 Aug 2021 03:16 minor feature:
2.93.205 Aug 2021 03:19 minor feature:
2.93.124 Jun 2021 06:45 minor feature:
2.93.003 Jun 2021 03:16 minor feature:
2.92.026 Feb 2021 07:45 minor feature:
2.91.221 Jan 2021 11:05 minor feature:
2.91.027 Nov 2020 00:25 minor feature:
2.90.124 Sep 2020 14:45 minor feature:
2.9001 Sep 2020 17:45 minor feature:
2.83.521 Aug 2020 01:05 minor feature:
2.83.407 Aug 2020 01:45 minor feature:
2.83.323 Jul 2020 07:25 minor feature:
2.83.211 Jul 2020 08:05 minor feature:
2.83.126 Jun 2020 20:45 minor feature:
2.8304 Jun 2020 13:45 minor feature:
2.82a31 Mar 2020 12:02 minor feature:
2.8215 Feb 2020 21:25 minor feature:
2.8122 Nov 2019 14:45 minor feature:
2.8031 Jul 2019 06:45 minor feature:
2.7913 Sep 2017 06:45 minor feature: These are the release notes for Blender 2.79, released September 12th, 2017... Denoiser. PBR Shader. Shadow Catcher. Filmic Color Management. Faster AMD OpenCL. Over 700. so much more! Download the file for the splash screen.
2.78a26 Oct 2016 19:37 major bugfix: The update Blender 2.78a was released on October 26, 2016. That release has 69 important bug fixes.
2.7801 Oct 2016 11:41 major feature: The Blender Foundation and online developer community are proud to present Blender 2.78, released September 30th 2016! This release aims to be a very stable one, so that developers can focus better on Blender 2.8 work. Here are some of the highlights: Spherical Stereo images rendering support for VR Grease Pencil is now a full 2D drawing animation tool! Viewport Rendering improvements New Freehand curves drawing over surfaces! Bendy Bones, powerful new options for B-Bones Alembic support: import/export basic operators Cloth Physics: new Dynamic Base Mesh and Simulation Speed option New Add-ons, individual preferences, Python APIs changes, and a lot of new updated add-ons! Many more features, improvements and the usual huge bug-fixes list
2.7503 Jul 2015 03:15 major feature: Blender Foundation and the developer community are proud to present the official Blender 2.75 release. The main highlights of this release are: Blender now supports a fully integrated Multi-View and Stereo 3D pipeline. Cycles has much awaited initial support for AMD GPUs, and a new Light Portals feature. UI now allows font previews in the file browser. High quality options for viewport depth of field were added. Modeling has a new Corrective Smooth modifier. The Decimate modifier was improved significantly. 3D viewport painting now supports symmetry and the distribution of Dynamic Topology was improved. Video Sequence Editor: Placeholders can now replace missing frames of image sequences. Game Engine now allows smoother LOD transitions, and supports mist attributes animation. And: 100s of bug fixes and smaller feature improvements. 13;. Released: July 1, 2015. Check the credits: people who worked on this release.
2.7402 Apr 2015 17:50 major feature: Cycles got several precision, noise, speed, memory improvements, new Pointiness attribute. Viewport has new cool compositing features, outliner now manages orphan datablocks better. Modeling now allows custom normals, and transferring data layers between meshes! Massive improvements to hair dynamics and editing tools: a big step forward with more to come A new tool Cavity Mask was added to sculpting/painting, along with other improvements. Great memory consumption optimization in Freestyle NPR stroke rendering. Grease pencil and Game engine improvements, and more
2.7307 Jan 2015 23:25 major feature: A major upgrade was given to the Grease Pencil tool, which inter alia brought the ability to edit and animate strokes. The first developments from the Gooseberry Project like a Sequencer Backdrop, Cycles viewport world background and others were added. Cycles got various improvements and speedups, as well as support for cameras inside volumes, the UI got a new 'minimalistic' fullscreenmode and Input Method Editor support for textbuttons (used for complex Chinese and Japanese character input), the Knife-tool was improved, Freestyle got a SVG exporter, and many more features which are worth checking out!
2.7204 Oct 2014 19:09 major feature: Cycles Rendering: Volume rendering and Subsurface Scattering can be rendered with GPUs. Volume and Glossy sampling is improved. New Ashikhmin-Shirley distribution enhances Glossy and Anisotropic BSDFs. Memory usage during rendering is improved. OSL rendering is faster. Anamorphic Bokeh support added. Caustics are under better control. User Interface: The long awaited pie menus are available as an addon for Tab, Z, Q, Tab ShiftCtrl, ., CtrlSpace operators. New Tooltip design makes important information more noticeable. Python text is displayed in a monospaced font. Blender Internal preview now behaves like the Cycles preview; it starts rendering at low resolution and improves from there. Units parsing has been improved, even though developers claim Blender does not feature a units engine, it does a better job now. Modeling: A new Intersection Tool was added to quickly cut up geometry. It's a bit like Boolean Tool, but, does not calculate interior/exterior. The Bevel Tool and the Bevel Modifier now have the option to set the material of the newly created faces to the material in a given slot.
2.7103 Aug 2014 09:39 major feature: