Recent Releases

0.3.029 Feb 2024 06:41 minor feature: * use dynamic memory allocation for keys, values, and attributes * canfigger_free() replaced with canfigger_free_current_key_node_advance() - canfigger_free_attr() removed * use 'canfigger_free_current_attr_str_advance()' instead of 'list- attr_node = list- attr_node- next'
0.2.005 Jan 2022 21:27 minor feature: implement support for multiple attributes (breaking change)
0.1.228 Dec 2021 05:48 minor feature: Code maintenance/refactor Minor adjustments to so that canfigger can be used as a meson subproject
0.1.125 Jun 2021 03:15 minor feature: The docs now install when 'ninja install' is run . If doing an early return due to error, the file descriptor now gets. Properly.
0.1.006 Jun 2021 21:46 minor feature: Initial release