Recent Releases

3.6.2123 Oct 2018 07:05 minor feature: Editor: update completions when deleting and if its menu is active. Editor: The call tips window, when already shown, stacked the same hint after each comma.
3.6.2008 Oct 2018 10:05 minor feature: GDB commander, Linux: Adding and deleting breakpoints was not supported anymore when using most recent GDB versions. The problem seems to have appeared from GDB 8.1.x but the is backward compatible with olders (7.x). Symlist: Also show invariants. Terminal, Linux: Added an option allowing to follow the path selected in the mini-explorer widget. Terminal, Linux: The terminal frame, as hosted in its widget, blinked each time a popup got, which was annoying when using the completion menu much. Mini explorer: File list was supposed to be always sorted since 3618258 (3.6.16), but this didn't work at all.
3.6.1914 Aug 2018 05:45 minor feature: Editor: Stacking of call tips didn't work correctly anymore. Editor: Completion didn't work for projects that were in a group. Editor: Auto insertion of leading + or in ddoc comments failed for the first line following / or /++. Skipping auto insertion was already manual (CTRL + ENTER) since some unsolvable ambiguous cases exist when trying to determine if the style of a current comment doesn't use the leading chars. Projects: Access violation after refreshing manually the list of git branches. Projects: Error displayed after opening a project that's not a also a git repository. DCD, D-Scanner (as provided in the zip files) and DastWorx are all updated to work with the new expression based contract syntax (aka DIP 1009).
3.6.1824 Jul 2018 21:00 minor bugfix: Enhancements Symbol list: Support for DIP 1009 (new expression-based contracts) Regressions fixed Project inspector: Toolbars buttons hidden by the tree filter. Bugs fixed Messages: Excessively long messages could freeze the application. (#351) Projects, Dub: Opening projects with dependencies leaded to leak one or many instances of DUB and GIT (i.e zombie processes). Other Editor: Removed the static macros. (#349) Setup programs and zipped binaries come with DCD 0.9.10 and D-Scanner 0.5.8.