Recent Releases

1.618 Jan 2020 00:31 major feature: Implemented the safe navigation operator ("?."). Added support for user-defined getters and setters (letting you use plain attribute access syntax like "y = a.x; a.x = 100"). Added the "!is" operator ("is not"). Made Box T part of crack.lang. Added crack.enc.json2, a more flexible JSON parser. Added unsafeCast to function types. Various bug fixes and enhancements.
1.502 Jul 2019 16:23 major feature: Implemented lambdas, automatic imports, a better command line library, and added SSL support to the high-level communication library.
1.427 Jul 2018 18:46 major feature: Added the RawPtr class. Implemented function elision. Fixed event handling in termui. Fixed memory management bug in EventManager. Minor enhancements to NML HTML generation. Fixed assertion failure when dereferencing forward declared classes.
1.215 Dec 2017 17:29 major feature: - Added @cvars annotation (like @struct, but just generates a constructor based on a list of instance variable definitions). - Added Functor.Wrap. - Enhancements to - Added AES-SIV cipher and CMAC - Added support for relative imports - protobuf enhancements - text formatting - treat empty different from undefined for string and bytes types - Added "clone()" method - Made stack trace functionality generally available. - Allow annotations to obtain an array of local definitions. - lots of bug fixes.