Recent Releases

3.503 Feb 2016 03:15 minor feature: New version of Mojolicious and module cleanup.
3.422 Sep 2015 03:15 minor feature: in timestamp range queries.
3.315 Sep 2015 10:45 minor feature: Now validating config file using Mojolicious::Validator. Loaded data now validated with Mojolicious::Validate. Validating form and CLI with Mojolicious::Validator. Better module security.
3.204 Sep 2015 23:05 minor feature: Add missing Mojolicious files. Code cleanup. Add VM to test and play with Delta Reporting. Code refactor. Update Mojolicious and other modules. Code refactor. Test suite improvements. WIP moving to Mojo::Pg to improve performance. WIP moved ro queries to mojo::pg. Faster after Mojo::Pg implemented.
3.117 Mar 2015 06:45 minor feature: Testing making config file optional. Testing optional config file WIP. Should work with CFEngine 3.6. Merge branch 'master' of Upgrade to latest version of Mojolicious. Fully tested with CFEngine 3.6. Latest version of Mojolicious
3.024 Sep 2014 13:02 minor bugfix: Fix bug #26 and improve testing suite.
2.911 Sep 2014 20:02 minor feature: Fix bug #25 that resulted in scrambled records.
2.803 Sep 2014 13:17 minor feature: Added collapsible nav bar for narrow displays and decreased page loading time by a fraction.
2.702 Sep 2014 12:33 minor feature: Errors now logged to syslog daemon, and other minor changes.
2.628 Aug 2014 15:31 major feature: Improved SQL injection protection. Improved SQL error testing with try::tiny.
2.314 Aug 2014 15:16 major feature: Upgrade to Mojolicious 5.27