dl: Download Ticket Service 0.17.1

"dl" is a file exchange service that allows you to upload any file to a web server and generate a unique ticket for others to download. The ticket is automatically expired according to the specified rules, so that you don't need to keep track or cleanup afterward. "dl" also allows you to grant an anonymous, one-time upload for others to send you a file, without the requirement of account management. "dl" can directly be integrated into Thunderbird as a Filelink provider, and also includes two native clients that allow to use the service directly from the shell for maximum convenience, without opening a browser. "dl" is usually installed as a "email attachments replacement" due to its simplicity (though can be used in other ways).

Tags communication email file-sharing php python console plugin web-environment win32 qt cross-platform end-users information-technology
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.17.130 Apr 2016 07:45 minor bugfix: Filenames are now sanitized more aggressively when received. This avoids browser/client failures when receiving files that contain illegal characters for the current platform (which might be legal in another). Filenames containing multibyte characters could previously result in unexpected truncation; they're now handled correctly. The uploaded filename is included in grant notifications. The Thunderbird add-on has been updated to support Thunderbird 45. In the ticket details, the full timestamp of the download is now shown. Minor code and documentation fixes.
0.1728 Jun 2015 03:16 minor feature: Login attempts are now logged. Log messages are now more uniform, always including the remote address and username (when available). The Thunderbird add-on has been updated to support Thunderbird 38.
0.1623 Jan 2015 03:15 minor feature: The database connection is automatically re-established when timed out after slow uploads/downloads . dl-cli can now prompt for a password when left unspecified in the dl.rc`` configuration file. Added Japanese translation by Teruo IWAI. Dutch user-guide translation by Maarten Schoonman.
0.1501 Dec 2014 14:19 minor feature: File names with special and/or UTF-8 characters are now correctly preserved on all browsers. Added Dutch translation by Maarten Schoonman.
0.1418 Oct 2014 03:16 minor feature: Fixed broken Content-Length header with the Apache/mod_php/mod_deflate combination, which would prevent downloads to be resumed. The built-in skin has been updated. The skin can now be customized and set in the configuration file. A work-around has been found to allow PHP 5.4-5.5 to upload files up to 4GB note that starting with PHP 5.6 there is no upload size limitation). Logging of server-side errors has been improved.
0.1327 Sep 2014 18:04 major feature: