EPESI 1.6.2

EPESI is a web CRM and PHP framwork for managing business information. It stores, organizes, links and shares information within an organization, has a modular design for workflow and process customization. It provides full multi-user and UTF-8 support, calendaring, contact managment, tasks, telephony logs, note taking, sharing attachments, versioning/history, a watchdog module, RoundCube mail integration, an AJAX-enabled web interface, custom fields and database storage, complex permission schemes, and allows to pick from many ready-made extension modules.

Tags php crm erp web-based
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.6.218 Oct 2014 17:25 minor bugfix: Fix user activity report issues. Update AdoDB to 5.19. Fix Roundcube cache issue. Decrypt note in view - allows to enter crypted note from search. Fix autoselect filter issue. Fix tax_id label. Search file downloads just by token. Index records for search without cron. Fix RB select field edit issues. Fix some RB field edit issues. Fix handling of relative date crits. Add new processing callback: browse (Dev). Fix time intervals in meetings. ESS - test connection before registration. Functions to check database type (Dev). Extract SimpleLogin class from admin tools for easy login (Dev). Fix setup script for PHP = 5.6. Fix blank index page issue. Fix bad character at the bottom of the page. Make display_as_row to wrap fields. Improve module install failure message. Add method to remove access rules by definition to RecordBrowser (Dev). Keep form field focus on soft refresh. Include Utils/Tray module (Dev). Reopen leightbox when error occured in a form. Add function to replace Base_Box main (Dev). Admin tools - add Update Manager to download updates. Fix translation module to not grow custom translations files. Updated translations.