Recent Releases

2.0.105 Aug 2020 01:41 major bugfix: Found enough problems to warrant a hotfix release: - Updated docs - Fixed a bug where the Terminal constructor init call didn't actually call Terminal::init() - Fixed framebuffer rendering in Terminal::render() - Fixed bug where cursor wasn't repositioned when the viewport was resized - Fixed bug where GL_BLEND caused text highlighting to not work correctly - Fixed bug where the scroll align wasn't getting set when the font was changed - *Some other minor things*
2.0.003 Aug 2020 07:08 major feature: Had to restructure the library a bit to add bitmap font support, so it's no longer backwards compatible with v1.x. Release notes: - Added bitmap font support (!!!) - termError is now included in public docs - EShell now knows when the cursor has hit the ceiling/floor (command history) - Can now control the input area (clear) - Removed memory leak (?) from not shrinking-to-fit containers when clearing - Can now poll input from terminal without affecting anything - Added basicShell for all you basic bros - Supported cmake versioning - Fixed docs - Added support for VC++ - Some other things
1.0.029 Jul 2020 08:11 major feature: Finished everything