Recent Releases

4.0.0-rc028 Jun 2018 18:25 minor feature: First release candidate for 4.0 Add preference to tell Gtk to use dark theme. Drag and drop. Use Gst.DeviceMonitor on Windows. Lots of minor.
4.0.0-beta315 Mar 2018 03:17 minor feature: Beta3 Massive performance improvements. Drag and drop improvements. So. Many.
4.0.0-beta216 Jun 2017 16:45 minor feature: Force usage of bsddb/bsddb3. Windows database creation. Various.
4.0.0-beta124 May 2017 07:25 minor feature: Enable MPRIS2 plugin by default. Translated using Weblate (Catalan). TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation. SyntaxError with python3. Allow to override some Makefile variables. Translated using Weblate (Catalan). Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'. Replace 'except:' with 'except Exception:'. Add simpler progress thread option, thread safety in progress mon?. Convert grouptagger to use new progress API. Associate track properties dialog with playlist widget parent. Don't append tracks in sorted order. Add plugin_enabled/plugin_disabled events. Change plugin preferences UI to change UI based on plugin_enable/plug?. Remove deprint from files panel. Files: GTK-CRITICAL error when changing file panel entry. panel/files: some back/forward/up/refresh/home behavior. ui/widgets/track_info: Make main track info label selectable. Allow generate-launcher to work on python3. Change control key to 'primary' key. Translated using Weblate (Russian). Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'. CTRL-S and CTRL-Shift-S. New translation and adjustments. bpm: Set dialog parent when showing from the BPMWidget context menu. exaile_win: Tweak some error/warning messages. Translated using Weblate (Lithuanian). Translated using Weblate (Macedonian). GtkNotebook deprecation warnings for GTK 3.20+. BPM autodetect: Don't play video streams. BPM autodetect: Round to nearest integer instead of just using int(). Remove deprecated methods of PlaylistPanel. Export Files playlist dialog. Don't start playing songs until the UI is loaded. Remove superfluous proxy method. Rename variable. Nest iterator loops inside size conditional. Translated using Weblate (Catalan). lyrics from lyrics wiki cut off. bpm: setting BPM manually (using the counter). winmmkeys: Add support for the `keyboard` module. vorbis default quality. winmmkeys: Update copyright year. (Esc key doesn't work if the toolbar button is hidden). coverwindow.ui: Remove Escape accelerator on butt
3.4.523 May 2015 15:25 minor bugfix: Errors loading Smart Playlists that filter based on a playlist. Missing icon issue. Disable equalizer by default.
3.4.416 Mar 2015 07:25 minor feature: #54 - If you installed Exaile by makefile, or in slightly nonstandard ways, translations wouldn't actually work Various minor bugs
3.4.316 Dec 2014 03:15 minor feature: #19 - Smart Playlists with criteria involving timestamps do not work
3.4.220 Nov 2014 03:15 minor feature: #11 - Exaile did not always update individual files when changed externally #12 - Add an option to 'force rescan' of files for users with misbehaving external tagger programs #13 - GroupTagger plugin: Potential tag loss when using externally modified files
3.4.105 Nov 2014 11:05 minor bugfix: Fix for Gtk font issues on OSX Mavericks and Yosemite. And a few other minor fixes too.