Recent Releases

2.110 Nov 2014 10:05 major feature: - Added optional help topic when specifying -h/--help. - Added optional display of commands without console using --command. - Added optional geometry specification of view area using --vgeometry. - Added optional color legends to views using --legend. - Added optional title bar to views using --title. - Added optional color assignment type (e.g. via hash) using --ctype. - Added optional filtering of data at view level using --grep. - Added ability to use multi-host/multi-display systems. - Added composite views using layout and view directives. - Added color directive to support unified colorization from same data. - Added host directive to specify host on which data server runs. - Added wildcard expansion to data command handling. - Added ability to specify alternate prefix during host anonymization. - Added --geometry command-line option to console. - Added --date option to chart view to specify strftime format. - Added --lines option to chart view to specify number of lines shown. - Added --count option to cloud view to increment data by any amount. - Added ability to save window to postscript file via ex :s and C-s. binding. - Added catchall exception handler when debug_file set. - Added prerequisite Net::Nslookup. - Added prerequisite String::ShellQuote. - Added prerequisite Text::Balanced. - Fixed leftover data/view processes when empty messages received. - Fixed view width/height computation when --title (now --frame) specified. - Fixed graphviz-based views overrunning display area. - Fixed size of view label in console layout. - Fixed removal of comments/whitespace in /.savorsrc handling. - Fixed word cloud so will always generate same cloud from same data. - Fixed composite charts when variable number of fields specified. - Fixed console data line to not show internal variables. - Fixed window manager reducing specified console geometry. - Changed behavior of split directive to mirror perl split. - Changed name directive and fN variable to data directive