fIcy: an icecast/shoutcast stream grabber suite 1.0.19

fIcy is a small icecast/shoutcast stream grabber suite for use under shell environment. Its goal is to automatically rip a stream into user customisable files. It will work with ICY compatible streams, allowing you to either to save the stream to disk or to pipe the output to a media player, or even both. fIcy, among other uses, is ideal for batch/unattended recording of radio programs and stream debugging.

Tags capture recording audio utilities c++ daemon console posix unix end-users
License GNU LGPL
State mature

Recent Releases

1.0.1913 Jan 2015 05:45 documentation: fPls will now correctly retry loading remote playlists on connection. Timeout/failures according to the requested limit. fPls/fIcy `-T` flag now takes connection/retry delays. Into account, ensuring the requested time is never exceeded. Some examples in the documentation have been clarified.
1.0.1807 Oct 2014 09:21 minor bugfix: