Recent Releases

1.6.316 Sep 2016 21:45 minor bugfix: in fpm's release that accidentally included a few `.pyc` files.
1.6.202 Jul 2016 19:05 minor bugfix: Reduce `json` dependency version to avoid requiring Ruby 2.0. Pacman: skip automatic dependnecies if --no-auto-depends is given (Leo P). Rpm: where --rpm-tag was accidentally ignored. Deb: Omit certain fields from control file if (Breaks, Depends, Recommends. Etc) if there are no values to put in that field. Rpm: remove trailing slash from Prefor rpm packages (#819, luto). Virtualenv: Now supports being given a requirements.txt as the input. (Nick Griffiths).
1.6.111 Jun 2016 22:25 minor documentation: Freebsd: Only load xz support if we are doing a freebsd output..
1.6.027 May 2016 17:05 major bugfix: New source: pleaserun. This lets you create packages that will install a. System service. An after-install script is used in the package to determine Which service platform to target (systemd, upstart, etc). New target: Alpine Linux "apk" packages.. Deb: don't append `.conf` to an upstart file if the file name already ends in `.conf`.. Freebsd: where --package flag was ignored.. - Improvements to the fpm rake tasks.
1.5.015 Apr 2016 09:45 major feature: Arch package support is now available via -s pacman and -t pacman. (#916; wonderful community effort making this happen!). - FreeBSD packages can now be built `-t freebsd`. You can now set fpm flags and arguments with the FPMOPTS environment. Variable (#977, mildred) Using --exclude-file no longer causes a crash. Yay! (#982, wyaeld). - A new rake task is available for folks who want to invoke fpm from rake. (#756, pstengel). - On FreeBSD, when tarring, gtar is now used.. Virtualenv: Add --virtualenv-pypi-extra-url flag to specify additional PyPI. Locations to use when searching for packages Deb: Init scripts, etc/default, and upstart files are automatically added as config files in a debian package. Disable this behavior with. ---deb-auto-config-files. Deb: Small changes to make lintian complain less about our resulting debs. Deb: New flag --deb-systemd lets you specify a systemd service file to include in your package. (#952, Jens Peter Schroer). Cpan: Add -- no- cpan-cpanm-force flag to pass --force to cpanm. Rpm: File names with both spaces and symbols should now be packageable. (#946, iwonbigbro). Cpan: Now queries MetaCPAN for package info if we can't find any in the. Cpan archive we just downloaded. (#849, BaxterStockman) Rpm: You can now specify custom rpm tags at the command line. Be careful, as no validation is done on this before sending to rpmbuild. (#687, vStone). Cpan: Install if the package name given is a local file (#986, mdom). - sh: Metadata now available as env vars for post-install scripts. Rpm: No more warning if you don't set an epoch..
1.4.027 Jul 2015 03:45 minor feature: Solaris 11 IPS packages 'p5p' now supported `-t p5p`. (Jonathan Craig). - Python Virtualenv is now supported `-t virtualenv` (#930, Simone Margaritelli and Daniel Haskin). - deb: Files in /etc are now by default marked as config files. (#877, Vincent Bernat). - `fpm --help` output now includes a list of supported package types (#896, Daniel Haskin). - cpan: -- no- cpan-sandbox-non-core flag to make non-core module sandboxing optional during packaging (#752, Matt Sharpe). - rpm: Add --rpm-dist flag for specifically setting the target distribution of an rpm. (Adam Lamar). - rpm: Fix a crash if --before-upgrade or --after-upgrade were used. (#822, Dave Anderson). - deb: Ensure maintainer scripts have shebang lines (#836, Wesley Spikes). - deb: Fix bug in maintainer scripts where sometimes we would write an empty shell function. Empty functions aren't valid in shell. (Wesley Spikes). - Fix symlink copying bug (#863, Pete Fritchman). - python: Default to https for pypi queries (Timothy Sutton). - New flag --exclude-file for providing a file containing line-delimited exclusions (Jamie Lawrence). - python: new flag --python-disable-dependency to disable specific python dependencies (Ward Vandewege). - python: ensure we avoid wheel packages for now until fpm better supports them. (#885, Matt Callaway). - deb: Add support for installation states "abort-remove" and "abort-install". (#887, Daniel Haskin). - If PATH isn't set, and we need it, tell the user (#886, Ranjib Dey). - cpan: -- no- cpan-test now works correctly (#853, Matt Schreiber). - deb-to-rpm: some improved support for config file knowledge passing from deb to rpm packages (Daniel Haskin).
1.3.316 Dec 2014 08:05 minor feature: The fpm project now uses Contributor Covenant. You can read more about this on the website: npm: Fix bug causing all `-s npm` attempts to fail due to a missing method. This bug was introduced in 1.3.0. rpm: fix bug in rpm input causing a crash if the input rpm did not have any triggers
1.3.210 Nov 2014 13:45 minor feature: DEB: conversion from another deb will automatically use any changelog found in the source deb.