Fusio 1.2.1

Fusio is an open source API management platform which helps to build and manage RESTful APIs. It provides endpoint versioning, handling data from different data sources, schema definition (JsonSchema), automatic documentation generation and secure authorization (OAuth2).

Tags api rest php
License Apache
State initial

Recent Releases

1.2.128 Jun 2018 12:25 minor feature: a critical in the authorization middleware #164. Sql action add config to set default limit #162. Update backend app add PHP sandbox autocomplete, automatic logout and update deps #160. Truncate large exception messages on logging middleware.
1.2.010 Jun 2018 05:45 minor feature: Return proper 429 status code and error response in case the rate limit is reached. Add subscription support #152. /whoami and /revoke endpoint not sending proper CORS headers #153. Add PHP sandbox action #69. Add installer script to install Fusio also without access to the CLI. Backend app add option to provide custom action class. Consumer app add subscription support to allow customers to register HTTP callbacks. Updated backend and consumer app to Angular 1.7. User registration handling recaptcha verification. Reorganized consumer app and grant endpoints.
1.1.312 May 2018 10:25 minor feature: Add description field to method. Add scopes field to route. Add additional meta fields to OpenAPI and Swagger spec. Add security fields to the Swagger spec. Updated swagger-ui app.
1.1.209 Apr 2018 16:45 minor feature: handling of OPTIONS request without GET schema #142. Increase name column length #141. Add option to deploy command to force re-execution of migration files #140. Add clean command #137. Add push command to push the Fusio instance to a remote provider.
1.1.126 Mar 2018 03:16 minor feature: Add web server config generator #132. Update fusio backend app. Update swagger-ui and backend app. Importer parses now also OpenAPI and Swagger YAML format #115. Improved CORS handling and removed config.
1.1.004 Mar 2018 13:05 minor feature: Update dependencies. Add priority to routes so that the order of the routes in deployment is stable #120. Installer add preview option to show SQL queries #74. Add connection lifecycle and deployment interface to give a connection the possibility to execute additional logic on execution. Improved documentation.
1.0.014 Jan 2018 10:45 minor feature: Updated dependencies. Improved tests and documentation.
1.0.0-RC804 Jan 2018 10:45 minor feature: Update PSX framework to version 4.0. Add rate limit to deployment. Update developer app. Improve tests and use migration as ture.
1.0.0-RC724 Dec 2017 21:05 minor feature: Use dotenv config to load sensitive values from environment variables #110. Add missing help files.
1.0.0-RC615 Dec 2017 03:16 minor feature: Update developer app. Summarize deploy status and improve deploy output #108. Improve deploy schema file resolving #107.
1.0.0-RC510 Dec 2017 03:16 minor feature: Documentation handle schema array types #106. logging of long request uris #105. Add config to specify expire time of refresh token #104. Allow schema scheme when deploying a json schema #103. Add upgrade check. Improve test cases. Add PHP 7.2 support.
1.0.0-RC428 Nov 2017 07:25 minor feature: Backend app add responses. Improved http engine action. Allow array json structure in response #81.
1.0.0-RC320 Nov 2017 16:45 minor feature: Materialize resource collection.
1.0.0-RC102 Nov 2017 06:25 minor feature: Add action execute command #64. User service add check whether email already exists #80. User API proper handling of OPTIONS and HEAD requests #82. update correct handling of changed backend routes #85. Internal API add config option to send CORS header.
0.9.916 Oct 2017 11:25 minor feature: Update OAuth2 token endpoint handle OPTIONS request. Add query parameters to backend schema. Backend endpoints handle count parameter #67. Relaxed password requirements and make min pw length configurable #68. Allow email as user name login #66.
0.9.811 Oct 2017 07:25 minor feature: Add config.yaml to deploy. Add system restore command. Improve HEAD and OPTIONS method handling. Cronjob handle errors.
0.9.706 Oct 2017 13:25 minor feature: Add cronjob service. Add a schema to every backend endpoint. route path regexp validation #63. Update API doc.
0.9.625 Sep 2017 03:16 minor feature: Improved documentation add backend api reference and action examples. Add PATCH method support - @christoph-bessei. Update dependencies and prepare release.
0.9.510 Sep 2017 07:45 minor feature: Add scopes per route #55. Add OAuth2 refresh token endpoint #16. Added static file processor. Case insensitive env vars replacement.
0.9.427 Aug 2017 03:16 minor feature: Added automatic engine detection. Improved backend app. Log execution time of an action and add new statistics. Added openapi generation and import support. Handle schema for query parameters. Improved route serialization #44. Handle multiple responses for different status codes. Split up deploy file into separate files. Removed routes action and schema relation handling. Removed old upgrade paths. Execute migration on an empty database schema.
0.9.321 Jul 2017 18:05 minor feature: Deploy command handle verbose mode. Add general update code which inserts new routes on update. Add statistic request count method.
0.9.210 Jul 2017 13:05 minor feature: Add audit panel which contains a log from every action on the system. Added event handler.
0.9.129 Jun 2017 11:25 minor feature: Rename default namespace. Update docs. Add action engine parameter to export.
0.9.012 Jun 2017 03:45 minor feature: Improved deploy service. Changed default todo sample API to php file engine. Option to set config values in the deploy file. Add action resolver which determines the engine which is used i.e. php or v8. Move routes config handling to a separate service.
0.8.026 May 2017 14:25 minor feature: Update api documentation app. Add oauth2 filter also for public endpoints if authorization header is available. Improve method selection performance. Added migration command which lists all executed migrations.
0.7.430 Apr 2017 07:25 minor feature: Deploy config allow schema include and class name as action in a route.
0.7.319 Apr 2017 15:25 minor feature: Updated default deployment configuration. Access env vars in deploy configuration. Handle non empty connection passwords in the deploy config #37. Extended manual.
0.7.209 Apr 2017 06:45 minor feature: Added deploy migration.
0.7.127 Mar 2017 09:45 minor feature: Added deploy command. Add d token statistic. Add app token endpoint. The protected API endpoints accept now also a JWT as bearer token which was obtained by the /consumer/login endpoint. Added consumer endpoint documentation test cases.
0.7.025 Feb 2017 09:45 minor feature: Passthu schema handling empty request body. Updated v8 adapter. Updated manual.
0.6.920 Feb 2017 23:05 minor feature: Update v8 adapter. Connection test catch all exceptions and throw a http error.
0.6.813 Feb 2017 06:05 minor feature: Connection try to connect to remote service on creation. Improve designer css. Update dependencies.
0.6.708 Feb 2017 07:25 minor feature: Add http connection. Add schema and action designer. Update psx v8 component.
0.6.604 Feb 2017 00:25 minor feature: Register command add auto confirm option.
0.6.531 Jan 2017 01:05 minor feature: Missing nav template.
0.6.323 Jan 2017 07:25 minor feature: Update v8 adapter.
0.6.119 Jan 2017 13:05 minor feature: Added config tag form. Action and connection config allow scalar and array values. Update json schema preview style. Add system status check command. Removed randomlib and use random_bytes to generate token.
0.6.002 Jan 2017 11:45 minor feature: Use chartjs 2.0. Use psx 3.0 components. Moved backend app to fusio/ folder to use less potential API paths.
0.5.018 Nov 2016 23:25 minor feature: Added v8 processor action. Cleaned up engine. Removed database panel. Added swagger import.
0.4.103 Nov 2016 09:05 minor feature: Added rate limit. Improved and extended console commands. Improved backend app. Added test cases.
0.4.010 Oct 2016 20:45 minor feature: Moved logic to the fusio engine and extracted action and connection implementation. Improved backend ui use Robot font.
0.3.519 Sep 2016 06:05 minor feature: Streamlined backend ui. Improved route lookup speed. Backend add global loading animation. detail and schema import/export command. Added dialog to test an action. Database ui add auto increment option. Add repeat password question to adduser command.
0.3.426 Aug 2016 09:45 minor feature: Streamlined backend ui. Improved route lookup speed. Backend add global loading animation. detail and schema import/export command. Added dialog to test an action. Database ui add auto increment option. Add repeat password question to adduser command.
0.3.301 Aug 2016 01:25 minor feature: Added TryCatch action. SQL-Connection set utf8 charset and disable emulated prepared statements for mysql. Added more template filters. Added user object to context at the condition action. Improve SQL-Builder action. Add an option to provide examples for each API endpoint to the documentation. Unified url configuration for the backend, consumer and documentation app. Add overview doc. Add config help.
0.3.225 Jul 2016 21:45 minor feature: Route deployment to live.
0.3.021 Jul 2016 10:05 minor feature: Rewrote consumer implementation moved from jQuery to AngularJS. Add backend database panel to create and edit database schemas. Moved route configuration into a seperate table and add deploy mechanism which copies all route configurations if the API status is set to production. Add backend configuration. Add sqlbuilder action to build a response based on multiple SQL queries. Improved docs. Add user to context. Upgrade backend app to angular 1.5, angular-ui 1.2 and bootstrap 3.3. Add parameters field to app. Upgrade PSX to 2.0.
0.2.229 Feb 2016 00:05 minor feature: Add system import/export command. Add user to context. Add jsonschema import and generate access token command. Improved services to check whether a resource already exists.
0.2.129 Jan 2016 21:45 minor feature: Added documentation and improved help docs. Moved backend code into seperate composer project. Encrypt connection credentials in database. Added a access token generation method to the app service which is used globally. Add support for implicit grant to simplify the use of Fusio for js applications. Action cache consider also uri fragments and parameters in cache key. Removed client credentials grant and use instead password grant.
0.2.004 Jan 2016 19:05 minor feature: Added consumer API and javascript client implementation. Improved code architecture. Added RAML import. Added json schema export command. Generate more secure tokens and passwords. a security where the installer installs a test admin account with a username and password.
0.1.703 Dec 2015 09:45 minor feature: Added adapter system. Changing a action or schema which are used by a route in production status is not longer possible. Added and improved various actions. Improve access token generator. Moved action and connection class definition from config file into a seperate table.
0.1.607 Oct 2015 07:25 minor feature: Improved backend modal dialogs. Add export schema into different formats. Update API documentation viewer #10 . Add row exists filter.
0.1.514 Sep 2015 07:05 minor feature: Added javascript angular protractor e2e tests. Add documentation api test case. Add change password panel #1 . query filter and add test case. log pagination #8.
0.1.427 Aug 2015 03:15 minor feature: Improved installer. Add statistic panel to backend. Log errors which occur in an action and display them in the log details.
0.1.311 Aug 2015 19:12 minor feature: Make dashboard chart more responsive. Redirect DisplayException if thrown in template context. Fix js user controller remove apps data before update. Extended test cases. Check that provided jsonschema is an object type.