geo-*: Rick Richardson's Linux tools for geocaching .20160902

Here are various tools for geocaching. Some are designed to turn the clickly-clicky-scroll-clicky-clicky messes that are,, and into a set of tools which you can use in a batch or cron mode to establish your normal caching routine, backup your caches and cache logs, etc. Others are used to enter new waypoints, a free geocoder, create custom maps of waypoints, etc.

Tags geocaching
License Public Domain
State stable

Recent Releases

.2016090202 Sep 2016 19:50 minor feature: * New program: geo-incomplete-coords - Print out incomplete * New program: decimal2cryptogram - Decimal to cryptogram * New program: smilies2cryptogram - Geocaching 'smilies' to cryptogram * New program: geo-thumbnails - Recursively extract image thumbnails * New program: Convert to/from negadecimal, negabinary, ... * New program: wherigo2jpg - Pull jpg images out of a wherigo file * New program: geo-algebraic-expressions * New program: geo-morse - Morse decoder * New program: spiritdvd2text - Spirit DVD Code to/from text * New program: atomic-weights-to-text - Atomic Weights to text * New program: geo-rotate-text - Rotate text CW, CCW, or flip * New program: geo-battleship - Map the battleship locations * New program: fibonacci-coding - Convert a binary coding to a number
.2014110609 Nov 2014 16:23 minor feature: Initial submission to freshcode.