Gnuaccounting 0.8.8

Gnuaccounting is an open source Java cross-platform accounting and bookkeeping application. It embeds, supports chip-card-based online banking (HBCI), imports data e.g. from time trackers, homebanking software or online shops and exports data suitable for tax accountants and e.g. for VAT announcements. It has been downloaded > 32,000 times since it's release on 23 March 2005. Gnuaccounting is available in German and English, can be used as a portable application and uses, if desired, external databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL instead of the embedded Apache Derby. The application is compatible with the 32-bit version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and KDE-based 32- and 64-bit versions of Linux.

Tags accounting invoicing business finance
License GNU GPLv3
State beta

Recent Releases

0.8.816 Apr 2015 11:52 minor feature: Improvements/refactorings * Upgrade to Mustangproject 1.1.1 * Asset export now also exports status attribute * Refactored customer edit window * Delegating driver could facilitate access to external databases besides MySQL (e.g., PostgreSQL) Fixes * Don't list 0 VAT values in VAT:list * Sort order of accounts is now more stable * Fixed possible truncationexception when importing from bank account New features * Sales tax improvements: Renamed Canadian TVQ to Sales tax, added possible sales tax exemption per customer and per transaction * respect header/footer lines in templates
0.8.722 Dec 2014 15:55 minor feature: Window batch file now using registry to find Java, linux shell file now marked executable. Support for canadian "TVQ" vat and period types weekdays and workingdays in templates, new placeholders for item number and EAN, allow product selection by EAN search (or e.g. barcode scan)
0.8.615 Aug 2014 18:29 minor feature: New default template, settings- and conditional placeholders, placeholder operations and tax table support. ZUGFeRD 1.0 support, display of the contact attribute and the new search and filter facility in the transaction list, SEPA compliant "" support, delivery date/period and corrected split bookings for imported multi-VAT invoices as well as the new Portable-All-in-one.
0.8.529 Jul 2014 12:46 minor feature: ZUGFeRD (PDF-A/3 invoice metadata standard) support, new units, new expense categories (telecommunication), placeholders for IBAN, BIC and SEPA mandate