Recent Releases

1.5.409 Jan 2024 04:38 minor feature: Improvements Added a very basic way to stabilize files without gyro data. Simply load the video without gyro data, load lens profile and click "Autosync". It should analyze the video using optical flow and use that as gyro data. Note that this is not a proper feature yet. May work for simple cases, so it's there, but will probably fail for more tricky movements. Added grid guide (right click on the video preview). Updated timeline scrolling/scaling behavior on macOS (by @pacoccino) Added support for Senseflow device data (by @HiDream) Added a way to clear trim range (C shortcut) Added a way to disable lens profile updates. You can now delete lens profiles you won't use and make the startup faster. Then place noupdate file in the lens profile directory Relaxed H.264 resolution restriction allowing to render vertical 2160x3840 Added "Created at" to Video information panel Updated macOS icon Bug fixes Fixed crash when opening multiple BRAW files Fixed BRAW timeline scrubbing Fixed BRAW preview with OpenCL Fixed rendering on older devices Fixed background color in rendered file Fixed AppImage "Permission denied" error Fixed rendering crash with Intel on Windows Fixed queue progress indicator in some cases (by @pacoccino) Fixed playback slowdown when using video speed keyframes on macOS Fixed rendering to image sequences Fixed gyro data timings with older Insta360 cameras Fixed opening files with non-ascii characters on Android Fixed loading of OpenCamera Sensors csv logs
1.5.227 Jul 2023 23:31 minor feature: