Recent Releases

3.4.008 Feb 2017 01:15 major feature: General improvements and optimizations: Support completion for static extensions. Removed neko dependency for macros, use PCRE instead. Disabled analyzer optimizations by default, re-enable with -D analyzer-optimize PHP7: Generate native v instanceof MyType instead of, MyType) where possible for better performance, added @:phpNoConstructor meta for externs which do not have native php constructors and yet can be constructed, greatly reduced amount of generated tmp vars, Array performance improvements. HL: made various improvements Bugfixes: + fixed using picking up non-static abstract functions + fixed issue with side-effect detection when optimizing + fixed issue with zlib bindings causing zlib_deflate errors + Allow user-defined modules in php package + Dereference some of php.Syntax methods if required + fixed assigning a method of dynamic value to a variable + fixed missing initialization of dynamic methods in classes with empty constructors