Recent Releases

2019.2.031 Mar 2020 12:30 minor feature:
2019.0.022 Sep 2019 20:21 minor feature: Added raw import: It converts the RAW images to TIFF using a raw converter. This can be done by dcraw (requires additional exiftool), RawTherapee or darktable. These programs needs to be installed externally. Fixes for align_image_stack with EXR images. Added option for range compression. Can be helpful for LDR panoramas to brighten the shadows before merging, because at this stage the blender has some more information which can be helpful. New hotkeys for mask editor (change zoom level with 0, 1 and 2). Expression parser (pto_var and "manipulate image variables" in GUI) can now read also all image variables. line_find: Ignore lines with low distance to each other to get better coverage. Also use only central part of the panorama for searching for line control points (ignoring zenit/nadir near areas). pano_modify: Added new switch --projection-parameter to set projection parameters. Store program settings according to XDG base dir specification (Linux only, needs to compile with wxWidgets 3.1.1 or later).