IUP 3.11.2

IUP is a graphical UI toolkit. It's portable and provides language bindings for C, Lua and LED. There are styles for a native Windows, a styled version, Motif and a Gtk+ look and feel. There are over 100 functions for commanding dialogs, an asbtract box-and-glue layout model is used, widgets for dialogs, text and labels, buttons or toggle and checkboxes, lists, canvas and frames, vertical and horizontal or fill boxes, menus, tabs, and some complex dialogs (color and file chooser, wanrings/notices, select lists). IUP is both simple and configurable (LED provides a conenient configuration scheme).

Tags c lua win32 motif gtk graphical-toolkit widgets
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.11.206 Oct 2014 21:28 minor bugfix: New: value AREA for DS_MODE attribute in IupPPlot. Fixed: scrollbar programmatic update in IupCanvas on Windows. Fixed: Ctrl+A key combination in IupText when AltGr key is used in Windows. Fixed: characters processing for the ACTION callback in IupText when they are generated using an AltGr key combination (Ctrl+Alt) in Windows. New: FRONTIMAGE* attributes for IupGLButton.