Meteor is a uncomplex and data-oriented web application framework for development in pure JavaScript. Instead of transferring HTML output, it provides bidirectional websocket communication for data exchange, thus allowing database access in the client exactly like on the server. It compensates for latency, provides auto-updating templates, easily hooks into existing libraries and comes with extensive documentation.

Tags javascript dhtml webapps framework
License MITL
State development

Recent Releases Feb 2017 03:16 minor feature: Reverted as the. Change was deemed too significant for this release. Note: The decision to revert the above change was made late in the Meteor release process, before it was ever recommended but too. Late in the process to avoid the additional increment of the version number. See for additional. Information. This change will still be released in an upcoming version of Meteor with a more seamless upgrade. Feb 2017 20:45 minor bugfix: Node has been upgraded to version 4.7.3. The `npm` npm package has been upgraded to version 4.1.2. For. For. For. The version of 7-zip included in the Windows dev bundle has been. Upgraded from 1602 to 1604 in an attempt to mitigate . The `"main"` field of `package.json` modules will no longer be. Overwritten with the value of the optional `"browser"` field, now that The `install` npm package can make sense of the `"browser"` field at Runtime. If you experience module resolution failures on the client After updating Meteor, make sure you've updated the `modules-runtime` Meteor package to at least version 0.7.8. . Nov 2016 15:05 minor feature: Style improvements for `meteor create --full`. . Note: Meteor was finalized before. Was merged, but Those changes were deemed important Enough to skip recommending and instead immediately release Nov 2016 03:16 major feature: Installing the `babel-runtime` npm package in your application. `node_modules` directory is now required for most Babel-transformed code to work, as the Meteor `babel-runtime` package no longer attempts to. Provide custom implementations of Babel helper functions. To install The `babel-runtime` package, simply run the command ``sh. Meteor npm install --save babel-runtime `` in any Meteor application directory. The Meteor `babel-runtime` package. Version has been bumped to 1.0.0 to reflect this major change. . File system operations performed by the command-line tool no longer use. Fibers unless the `METEOR_DISABLE_FS_FIBERS` environment variable is Explicitly set to a falsy value. For larger apps, this change results in Significant build performance improvements due to the creation of fewer Fibers and the avoidance of unnecessary asyncronous delays. Https:// Running Meteor as `root` is still discouraged, and results in a fatal. Error by default, but the `--allow-superuser` flag now works as claimed. . The `dev_bundle python python.exe` executable has been restored to the Windows dev bundle, which may help with `meteor npm rebuild` commands. . Changes within linked npm packages now trigger a partial rebuild. Whereas previously (in 1.4.2) they were ignored. . Miscellaneous : . . Oct 2016 10:05 minor security: Node has been upgraded to version 4.6.0, a recommended security release: Https:// `npm` has been upgraded to version 3.10.8.
1.4.223 Sep 2016 07:45 minor security: The `npm` npm package has been updated to 3.10.7. The `node-pre-gyp` npm package has been updated to 0.6.30. The `fibers` npm package has been updated to 1.0.14. Blaze-related packages have been extracted to. `meteor/blaze`, and the main. `meteor/meteor` repository now refers to them via git submodules (see. . When running `meteor` from a checkout, you must now update these submodules by running. ``sh git submodule update --init --recursive. `` in the root directory of your `meteor` checkout. Accounts.forgotPassword and.verifyEmail no longer throw errors if callback is provided. Origin PR #5681 Merged PR. The default content security policy (CSP) for Cordova now includes `ws:` and `wss:` WebSocket protocols. . Aug 2016 23:05 minor bugfix: Update the version of our Node MongoDB driver to 2.2.7 to a in. Reconnection logic, leading to some `update` and `remove` commands being Treated as `insert`s.
1.4.119 Aug 2016 22:45 minor feature: Node has been upgraded to 4.5.0. `npm` has been upgraded to 3.10.6. The `meteor publish-for-arch` command is no longer necessary when. Publishing Meteor packages with binary npm dependencies. Instead, binary Dependencies will be rebuilt automatically on the installation side. Meteor package authors are not responsible for failures due to compiler. Toolchain misconfiguration, and any compilation problems with the Underlying npm packages should be taken up with the authors of those Packages. That said, if a Meteor package author really needs or wants to Continue using `meteor publish-for-arch`, she should publish her package Using an older release: e.g. `meteor --release 1.4 publish`. . The `.meteor-last-rebuild-version.json` files that determine if a binary. Npm package needs to be rebuilt now include more information from the `process` object, namely `process. platform,arch,versions ` instead of. Just `process.versions`. Note also that the comparison of versions now Ignores differences in patch versions, to avoid needless rebuilds. The `npm-bcrypt` package now uses a pure-JavaScript implementation by. Default, but will prefer the native `bcrypt` implementation if it is Installed in the application's `node_modules` directory. In other words, Run `meteor install --save bcrypt` in your application if you need or Want to use the native implementation of `bcrypt`. . After Meteor packages are downloaded from Atmosphere, they will now be. Extracted using native `tar` or `7z.exe` on Windows, instead of the Https:// library, for a significant performance Improvement. The npm `tar` package has been upgraded to 2.2.1, though it is now only. Used as a fallback after native `tar` and/or `7z.exe`. The progress indicator now distinguishes between downloading. Extracting, and loading newly-installed Meteor packages, instead of Lumping all of that work into a "downloading" status message. Background Meteor updates will no longer modify t Jul 2016 21:25 minor bugfix: With the 1.4 tool springboarding to older releases. With running in development on Linux 32bit.
1.426 Jul 2016 09:45 minor feature: Node has been upgraded to 4.4.7. The `meteor-babel` npm package has been upgraded to 0.11.7. The `reify` npm package has been upgraded to 0.3.6. The `bcrypt` npm package has been upgraded to 0.8.7. Nested `import` declarations are now enabled for package code as well as. Application code. 699cf1f38e9b2a074169515d23983f74148c7223 Meteor has been upgraded to support Mongo 3.2 by default (the bundled version. Used by `meteor run` has been upgraded). Internally it now uses the 2.2.4 Version of the `mongodb` npm driver, and has been tested against at Mongo 3.2 Server. Mongo 3.2 defaults to the new WiredTiger storage engine. You can update your Database following the instructions here: Https:// In development, you can also just use `meteor reset` to remove your old. Database, and Meteor will create a new WiredTiger database for you. The Mongo Driver will continue to work with the old MMAPv1 storage engine however. The new version of the Mongo driver has been tested with MongoDB versions from 2.6 up. Mongo 2.4 has now reached end-of-life. (, and is no longer supported. Custom Mongo options can now be specified using the. `Mongo.setConnectionOptions(options)` API. . On the server, cursor.count() now takes a single argument `applySkipLimit`. (see the corresponding Mongo documentation . ( For regression caused by #5837 which incorrectly rewrote. Network-path references (e.g. `//`) in CSS URLs. Added Angular2 boilerplate example. Jul 2016 14:45 minor bugfix: This release a small in 1.3.5 that prevented updating apps. Whose `.meteor/release` files refer to releases no longer installed in ` /.meteor/packages/meteor-tool`. 576468eae8d8dd7c1fe2fa381ac51dee5cb792cd. Jul 2016 13:45 minor bugfix: . The default loglevel for internal `npm` commands (e.g., those related to. `Npm.depends`) has been set to "error" instead of "warn". Note that this. Change does not affect `meteor npm...` commands, which can be easily Configured using `.npmrc` files or command-line flags. Https:// Jul 2016 06:25 minor bugfix: The `meteor node` and `meteor npm` commands now respect. `.meteor/release` when resolving which versions of `node` and `npm` to. Invoke. Note that you must `meteor update` to before this logic Will take effect, but it will work in all app directories after Updating, even those pinned to older versions. . The Meteor installer now has the ability to resume downloads, so. Installing Meteor on a spotty internet connection should be more Reliable. When running `meteor test`, shared directories are symlinked (or. Junction-linked on Windows) into the temporary test directory, not Copied, leading to much faster test start times after the initial build. The directories: `.meteor/local/ bundler-cache,isopacks,plugin-cache `. `App.appendToConfig` allows adding custom tags to config.xml. . : . . Jun 2016 19:25 minor bugfix: Increased the default HTTP timeout for requests made by the `meteor`. Command-line tool to 60 seconds (previously 30), and disabled the Timeout completely for Galaxy Deploys. Minor : .
1.3.423 Jun 2016 03:16 minor bugfix: The version of `npm` used by `meteor npm` and when installing. `Npm.depends` dependencies of Meteor packages has been upgraded from 2.15.1 to 3.9.6, which should lead to much flatter node_modules dependency trees. The `meteor-babel` npm package has been upgraded to 0.11.6, and is now installed using `npm@3.9.6`, ing arising from Windows path limits, such as. The `reify` npm package has been upgraded to 0.3.4, ing. . Thanks to caching improvements for the. `files. stat,lstat,readdir,realpath ` methods and. `PackageSource#_findSources`, development server restart times are no longer proportional to the number of files in `node_modules` directories.. . When installed via `InstallMeteor.exe` on Windows, Meteor can now be easily uninstalled through the "Programs and Features" control panel. HTTP requests made by the `meteor` command-line tool now have a timeout of 30 seconds, which can be adjusted by the ` TIMEOUT_SCALE_FACTOR` environment variable.. The `request` npm dependency of the `http` package has been upgraded from 2.53.0 to 2.72.0. The `--headless` option is now supported by `meteor test` and. `meteor test-packages`, in addition to `meteor self-test`. . Miscellaneous : . Jun 2016 16:05 minor bugfix: : . . . The `node-aes-gcm` npm package used by `oauth-encryption` has been upgraded to 0.1.5.. The `reify` module compiler has been upgraded to 0.3.3. The `meteor-babel` package has been upgraded to 0.11.4. The `pathwatcher` npm package has been upgraded to 6.7.0. In CoffeeScript files with raw JavaScript enby backticks, the compiled JS will no longer contain `require` calls inserted by Babel. . Code related to the Velocity testing system has been removed. . Allow smtps:// in MAIL_URL. Adds `Accounts.onLogout()` a hook directly analogous to `Accounts.onLogin()`. PR #6889.
1.3.311 Jun 2016 10:25 minor feature: Node has been upgraded from 0.10.43 to 0.10.45. `npm` has been upgraded from 2.14.22 to 2.15.1. The `fibers` package has been upgraded to 1.0.13. The `meteor-babel` package has been upgraded to 0.10.9. The `meteor-promise` package has been upgraded to 0.7.1, a breaking change for code that uses `Promise.denodeify`, `Promise.nodeify`. `Function.prototype.async`, or `Function.prototype.asyncApply`, since those APIs have been removed. Meteor packages with binary npm dependencies are now automatically rebuilt using `npm rebuild` whenever the version of Node or V8 changes, making it much simpler to use Meteor with different versions of Node. 5dc51d39ecc9e8e342884f3b4f8a489f734b4352. `*.min.js` files are no longer minified during the build process. PR #6986 You can now pick where the `.meteor/local` directory is created by setting the `METEOR_LOCAL_DIR` environment variable. This lets you run multiple instances of the same Meteor app. PR #6760 Allow using authType in Facebook login PR #5694. Adds flush() method to Tracker to force recomputation PR #4710. Adds `defineMutationMethods` option (default: true) to `new Mongo.Collection` to override default behavior that sets up mutation methods (/collection/ insert update... ) PR #5778. Allow overridding the default warehouse url by specifying `METEOR_WAREHOUSE_URLBASE` PR #7054. Allow `_id` in ` setOnInsert` in Minimongo: Added support for ` eq` to Minimongo: Insert a `Date` header into emails by default: `meteor test` now supports setting the bind address using `--port IP:PORT` the same as `meteor run` PR #6964 `Meteor.apply` now takes a `noRetry` option to opt-out of automatically retrying non-idempotent methods on connection blips: PR #6180. Adds `Accounts.onLogout()` a hook directly analogous to `Accounts.onLogin()`. PR #6889. DDP callbacks are now batched Apr 2016 06:25 minor feature: Reverted accidental changes included in and that. Improved DDP performance by batching updates, but broke some packages That relied on private methods of the DDP client Connection class. See Https:// for more details. These Changes will be reinstated in 1.3.3. Apr 2016 20:25 minor bugfix: Faulty comparison of `.sourcePath` and `.targetPath` properties of. Files scanned by the `ImportScanner`, which caused problems for apps Using the `tap:i18n` package. 6e792a7cf25847b8cd5d5664a0ff45c9fffd9e57
1.3.106 Apr 2016 10:45 minor bugfix: Long isopacket node_modules paths have been shortened, ing upgrade. Problems on Windows. #6609 Version 1.3.1 of Meteor can now publish packages for earlier versions of Meteor, provided those packages do not rely on modules. #6484 #6618. The meteor-babel npm package used by babel-compiler has been upgraded to. Version 0.8.4. c8d12aed4e725217efbe86fa35de5d5e56d73c83 The `meteor node` and `meteor npm` commands now return the same exit. Codes as their child processes. #6673 #6675 Missing module warnings are no longer printed for Meteor packages, or. For `require` calls when `require` is not a free variable, ing Https:// Cordova iOS builds are no longer built by Meteor, but merely prepared. For building. 88d43a0f16a484a5716050cb7de8066b126c7b28 Compiler plugin errors were formerly silenced for files not explicitly. Added in package.js. Now those errors are reported when/if the files are Imported by the ImportScanner. be986fd70926c9dd8eff6d8866205f236c8562c4 Dec 2014 00:05 minor feature: Fix crash in file change watcher. #3336 Allow `meteor test-packages packages/*` even if not all package directories have tests. #3334 Fix typo in `meteor shell` output. #3326
1.0.220 Dec 2014 13:25 major feature: Improvements to the `meteor` command-line tool A new command called `meteor shell` attaches an interactive terminal to an already-running server process, enabling inspection and execution of server-side data and code, with dynamic tab completion of variable names and properties. To see `meteor shell` in action, type `meteor run` in an app directory, then type `meteor shell` in the same app directory. You do not have to wait for the app to start before typing `meteor shell`, as it will automatically connect when the server is ready. Note that `meteor shell` currently works for local development only, and is not yet supported for apps running on remote hosts. We've done a major internal overhaul of the `meteor` command-line tool with an eye to correctness, maintainability, and performance. Some details include: Refresh the package catalog for build commands only when an error occurs that could be fixed by a refresh, not for every build command. Never run the constraint solver to select package versions more than once per build. Built packages are now cached inside individual app directories instead of inside their source directories. meteor run` starts Mongo in parallel with building the application. The constraint solver no longer leaves a `versions.json` file in your packages source directories; when publishing a package that is not inside an app, it will leave a `.versions` file which you should check into source control. The constraint solver's model has been simplified so that plugins must use the same version of packages as their surrounding package when built from local source. Using `meteor debug` no longer requires manually continuing the debugger when your app restarts, and it no longer overwrites the symbol `_` inside your app. Output from the command-line tool is now word-wrapped to the width of your terminal. Remove support for the undocumented earliestCompatibleVersion feature of the package system. Reduce CPU usage and disk I/O bandwidth by using ke
1.0.110 Dec 2014 20:25 security: Fix a security issue in allow/deny rules that could result in data loss. If your app uses allow/deny rules, or uses packages that use allow/deny rules, we recommend that you update immediately.
1.030 Oct 2014 06:45 major feature: Add the `meteor admin get-machine` command to make it easier to publish packages with binary dependencies for all architectures. `meteor publish` no longer publishes builds automatically if your package has binary NPM dependencies. New `localmarket` example, highlighting Meteor's support for mobile app development. Restyle the `leaderboard` example, and optimize it for both desktop and mobile. Performance: Reduce unnecessary syncs with the package server, which speeds up startup times for many commands. Speed up `meteor deploy` by not bundling unnecessary files and programs. To make Meteor easier to use on slow or unreliable network connections, increase timeouts for DDP connections that the Meteor tool uses to communicate with the package server.