Recent Releases

2.7.002 Aug 2018 22:33 hidden: - New DNS Cookies module and related '+cookie' kdig option - New module for response tailoring according to client's subnet or geographic location - General EDNS Client Subnet support in the server - OSS-Fuzz integration (Thanks to Jonathan Foote) - New '+ednsopt' kdig option (Thanks to Jan Včelák) - Online Signing support for automatic key rollover - Non-normal file (e.g. pipe) loading support in zscanner #542 - Automatic SOA serial incrementation if non-empty zone difference - New zone file load option for ignoring zone file's SOA serial - New build-time option for alternative malloc specification - Structured logging for DNSSEC key submission event - Empty QNAME support in kdig
1.5.120 Aug 2014 10:24 minor bugfix: Features: * Basic support for logging using systemd journal * DDNS: Ability to process updates in bulk Improvements: * Unified logging messages structure * DNSSEC: More strict controls for signing keys Bugfixes: * DNSSEC: DNAMEs in RDATA were not lowercased before signing * EDNS: OPT RR were not put into responsing for some errors * TSIG: DDNS responses were not signed with TSIG * DDNS: Prerequisite checks failed for some inputs * knsupdate: Zone origin was not used for deletions