Distributed Multiplatform Framework 1.3.2

Distributed Multiplatform Framework is a component-based programming framework using XML (or currently a hardcoded variant) as the repository. The samples are implemented either in console or wxWidgets. This shows the independence of the GUI or UI. The screenshot shows a generated application using DevExpress.

Tags code-generator database front-ends software-development library application-framework devexpress syncfusion wxwidgets
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.3.212 Jun 2016 12:33 major feature: This release contains two new UML models for logging and demonstrating copies of UML models. The UML model copy has been sligthly changed (model name and configuration) to show deployment to a different geographical location (using different certificates and endpoints). Watch my Youtube video about this release. Note: Real federated identity is not yet fully implemented, but I think is not far away to let two STS instances federate. https://youtu.be/sqsc_l-grew
1.3.117 Apr 2016 09:04 major feature: This release contains several improvements and an extended data format. Thus a minor release rather than a micro release. Shortly listed are the following: Added new tables and data structures (formularfields, dbcolumns), added documentation about the new feature (page 16). Added writing column ID value to enable easier lookup of tables within XSLT queries. Required for the above feature. Fixed bugs in XSLT import. Added missing master detail action for parameters. Increased product versions for the sample UML models (StsManagement and OpenSourceStoreReview). DevExpress XPO introduced incompatible changes by my last update to 15.2. Added a new plugin to try to get GrayLog integrated. But it seems to fail on Windows. Currently I have deactivated that in builds and it needs more work.
1.2.0-113 Mar 2016 22:30 minor bugfix: This release contains only a fix for the CAB DevExpress Codegenerator compilation. The templates are configurable for the DevExpress version that is in use. This did not reflected in all generated parts of the code and produced compile errors. Lothar Behrens
1.2.008 Nov 2015 10:51 major feature: This release contains several improvements. Shortly listed are the following: * New feature that allows multiple relationships between classes (eg. users that are owning vs be responsible to something). * Repeatable UML (XMI) import without errors (even if the UML model has been modified - eg. new or removed classes) * New property dialog that will be used in future to enable activity diagrams to use data input dialogs or the like. Please try out the new release for the following features: Can install the application, Can run the application, Can update the application model itself, Can generate code and for DevExpress (if you have a Windows OS), if not, try generating the Turbo Vision application. Can build the generated code (DevExpress), or have a look if the Turbo Vision code appears within a Code folder. Can generate the lbDMF-wxWidgtes-Dialog-Blocks-Generator code, build it and run it. Note: This release does not contain changes to code generators that are packaged separately and thus they should be obtained from earlier versions. I would thank you all for your feedback. Since a while I collect some statistics about my users of this software (by accessing update information from my web page). Please let the software do this or remove the lbwxUpdateChecker plugin. Have you noticed my new website? Have a look at it (http://www.lollisoft.de) and tell me your opinions. Also I do publish articles from time to time at codeproject. Here you will find my articles: http://www.codeproject.com/script/Articles/MemberArticles.aspx?amid=6479465 Lothar Behrens
1.1.115 May 2015 09:52 major feature: Bugfix in source code package on windows. It did not compile. A new code generator compilation for wxWidgets DialogBlocks designer based applications. This generator integrates fully into my build system and thus has to be generated to the following folder: C: lbDMF develop Projects CPP AppDevelopment. After choosing this folder, generating code with the lbDMF-wxWidgtes-Dialog-Blocks-Generator-Compilation-1.1.1.exe compilation, a folder named Code will be created. Then therein will be two makefiles: C: lbDMF develop Projects CPP AppDevelopment DynamicApp Code Targets lbDMF makefile.autobuild C: lbDMF develop Projects CPP AppDevelopment DynamicApp Code Targets lbDMF makefile.gen First make makefile.autobuild. It will generate the makefile.gen. Then build it. If the build was successful, you need to put an environment variable to let the wxWrapper start the application within the application module just built as follows: SET TARGET_APPLICATION=lbDMFManager_AppModule Then start the generated application. You will notice a faster startup :-) There is not all the functionality in this generated application. It is work in progress! Updated the internal application model to make it unnecessary to update the model at first.
1.1.019 Apr 2015 14:55 major feature: There is a new plugin that enables using domain specific languages. It uses Antlr3 based language. A new code generator compilation has been made available. This new template generates code targeting the Syncfusion Essential Studio. Added initial logging mechanism to see access to the services that are generated in the CAB DevExpress Generator template simply to see where the users come from. The logging mechanism still has to be improved. A bugfix has been made regarding handling of datetime fields. They were not handled as strings but required to. Trigger generation template code has been fixed by reversing the direction. The trigger complained about referential integrity, but in the wrong direction. The few changes and fixes let me made a decision to make a minor release change. Also a completely new model input will be made available using textual DSL's. Jan 2015 07:00 major feature: This release includes a new update check plugin. You will get informed about new releases. The CAB DevExpress code generator compilation includes minor changes. Please feel free to report any issues and ask questions Dec 2014 09:08 major feature: This release contains new features regarding table parameters. They are used for permission mechanisms at first. But they are able to be used for other stuff related to tables. Also there is a new DevExpress based code generator. It contains a STS server, STS management application and uses these for single sign on at the different services. Please feel free to report any issues and ask questions Jun 2014 17:25 major feature: This release added custom fields to be modeled but not as functional elements, and code for better SQLite logging. Initial error feedback and model validation was added. A new 'StsManagement' sample UML model was added. This application represents the database model the CAB DevExpress code generator utilizes for the STS authentication feature. It can be used to create the respective management application using the same template. Several bugs were fixed.