Linux Mint 17 Xfce

Linux Mint is a family of modern operating system distributions, based on Ubuntu and Debian with around 30,000 packages. It's popularity stems from out of the box multimedia support and its ease of use due to integrated and Mint community developed desktop extensions. It follows a conservative approach to software updates and provides a custom Update Manager. System defaults are designed to minimize administrative effort, and is therefore often advised to end users.

Tags linux-distribution ubuntu
License Other
State stable

Recent Releases

17 Xfce11 Jul 2014 13:49 major feature: Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" in its Xfce-edition is a LTS release with security updates until 2019. It's based on Ubuntu 14.04 packages with kernel 3.13, Xfce 4.10 and MDM 1.6. It hugely improves performance and usability of the Mint update manager, allows driver management without active internet connection, multi-screen support for the MDM login and session manager, easier language configuration, streamlined apt/dpkg software sources editor, and updates artwork.