Recent Releases

3.0.624 Jul 2023 17:22 minor feature: Enhances watchpoint system for waveform views (GSOC michiboo). - Add anti-alias mode to add synth oscillator interpolation. - Add 14 bit NRPN support for automations. - Add Tanh, Cubic, and square distortions with additional shaping params. - Add filter parameter smoothing. - Add filter optional LPF to LFO. - Add repeatable envelopes. - Add LFO fade in. - Add moog ladder filter. - Add comb filter. - Add BPM sync. - Add latched key mode. - Re-enable classic MIDI learn. - Increase envelope time parameter resolution. - excessively loud volume in Part XML loader. - crash with gcc 10.x.x within file manager. - crash in erroneous patch load. - OSS/etc detection under cygwin. - padsynth memory leak. - weird note-to-note portamento switches. - Reduce fftw resolution from 64bit to 32bit. - Remove Cxxtest dependency. - other.