lterm 1.5.0

lterm is a graphical terminal emulator based on vte. It's purposed as ssh client but also works locally. It contains some convenience features to ease repetitive tasks, such as bookmarks and keeping terminal sessions, a built-in sftp function, remote file editing and directory management, an expandable protocol set, a tabbed interface, customizable colors and mouse behaviour, and full screen mode.

Tags x11 terminal-emulator vte ssh sftp
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.5.014 Aug 2017 10:25 major feature: New features: Remote files editing works with any local editor, even editors without sftp capability (e.g. Sublime). - Popup message when uploads and downloads are completed. - More SSH options. Changes: - Mac OS X: TextEdit is now the default text editor. - Uploads and downloads work in background and don't block the program any more. - Internal changes. : - Local shells didn't open if using zsh. - Mac OS X: remote file opening didn't work properly. - Tab changes alert didn't work properly. - Program could crash sometimes while saving current session.
1.4.114 Nov 2016 09:45 minor feature: New features: Can change last modification and access time of remote files. Changes: - Ctrl+R cycles through reverse i search instead of detacthing tab. : - In "Edit connection" window couldn't edit port entry by keyboard. - Connection- Log off didn't work anymore with recent libvte versions. - Can crash sometimes with very long lines. - Unstable under some circumstances.
1.4.025 Jul 2016 00:05 major feature: New features: Split view to see more terminals on the screen. - Send commands to a cluster of terminals. - Select an identity file for each connection when authenticating by key. - Make a copy of remote files by SFTP popup menu. - X11 forwarding option in ssh connections. Changes: - Increased sftp buffer limit. - Can specify port when opening a remote file with local text editor. - Removed custom emulation. Always "xterm" is used. - Can stop long SFTP operations. - Linux: compatible with vte-0.91. - Recent connections file is now in xml format. - Some minor changes. : - Terminal background color control was not initialized when creating a new profile. - Local files were not after being downloaded.
1.3.230 Aug 2015 09:05 minor bugfix: Copy/Paste from terminal popup menu didn't work any more.
1.3.126 Aug 2015 03:16 minor bugfix: Changes: Better copy when selection includes an hypertext. - More compatibility with older versions of libssh. : - Linux: Crash at startup when running on newer system versions. - Mac: Crash when choosing uploading file from recent files. - Mac: Paste text into terminal instead of the active entry field. - Asking a not needed password when logged by key.
1.3.011 Nov 2014 03:15 feature: New features: Authentication by key. Hypertextual IP addresses. Different icons for different file types in the SFTP panel. Added "cd to current directory" in SFTP popup menu. Bug fixes: Fixed annoying cursor behaviour in filter entry. Fixed possible cause of crash when closing tabs.
1.2.113 Sep 2014 23:58 minor bugfix: Store last directory used for upload and download. Bug fix for possible crash with very long lines in the terminal.
1.2.007 Aug 2014 21:24 major feature: New features include a directory history in the SFTP panel, more items in the SFTP popup menu. Authentication failures despite right user and password was fixed. Removed annoying focus grabbing of filter entry in the sidebar.