Recent Releases

2.915 Jan 2021 03:16 minor feature: Another presentation view, show rate/bytes + plotter. Update plotter on timer, not input, we want to see the gaps. Change style of headings from top style to pimctl/mroutectl style. Improved viewing modes and plotter characters for dupes/delay/etc. Improved column sizing for better use of whitespace in narrow ttys. Show stats on exit. Support for scrolling log up/down with PgUp/PgDn. Support for displaying uptime, also shown on exit. Support for generating duplicate frames, for testing purposes. Support for toggling delogs at runtime.
2.809 Jan 2021 07:25 minor feature: Detect a default interface even on systems without default route. Support Ctrl-L to refresh a garbled display. Support for a deadline timeout -W sec. Support for redirecting output to a log file; mcjoin -l de file. Document reverse path filtering in Linux. Document how to test with older IGMP versions in Linux. resize glitch in plotter (new event based framework). TTY restore on abort or abnormal exit. fully restore support for old output, -o.
2.711 Nov 2020 09:05 minor feature: Adjust ulimit so we can open enough sockets to send/receive multicast. Revert to tar.gz for distribution tarballs. Support for adjusting payload length, 42 - 1648. Support for adjusting packet send/poll rate. Support for macOS. Support for OpenSolaris/Illumos, e.g. OmniOS. Support for figuring out default interface on *BSD, Illumos, and macOS. Support for using old UI using -o flag. Support any source port in (S,G) joins. Greatly improved IPv6 support, portability and multiple groups. Dropped -r SEC option, not needed anymore and was misleading. Handle IPv6 being disabled, per group and per socket. No feedback on receiver when using mcjoin as sender. Calculate and show gaps in received groups.
2.623 Apr 2020 06:45 minor feature: Increase MAX number of groups to join: 250 - 2048. Relocate source code to src/ sub-directory. Add support for sending with/to IPv6 address/group. Update docs slightly.
2.524 Feb 2020 09:05 minor feature: Add Dockerfile, thanks to Graeme Lawes. FreeBSD support, by Ryan Libby. Replaced mutually exclusive options -q and -d with -l level. Default log level is notice, for true quiet mode, use -l none. Added new daemon mode, which makes mcjoin detach from its controlling terminal and run in the background, with all output except progress redirected to syslog. possible file descriptor leak. Improve error detection if mcjoin cannot find a default interface, a valid (source) IP address, or anything else goes wrong. Add support for -w SEC, initial delay before actually starting. Useful if started very early in a system bootstrap before network has come up properly.
2.405 Apr 2019 10:05 minor feature: Support for SSM (S,G) join, in addition to the existing ASM (*,G) join. Find interface bsaed on default route with best metric. Initial support for IPv6 (*,G) and (S,G) joins.
2.321 Sep 2018 05:45 minor feature: Automatically detect default interface. Enable support for multiple mcjoin receivers on one host using the same destination (Internet) port. Receiver does not stop after count received packets. Avoid using GLIBC extension __progname. Updated build instructions in README.
2.208 Sep 2016 07:45 minor feature: Progress bar on receiver. Bind receiver to group:port, instead of, filters noise. Increased send rate of sender: 1/1 sec -- 1/100 msec. Set outbound interface for sending multicast. Portability, now builds and runs on musl libc. Verify max length of interface name from operator.
2.109 Mar 2016 22:11 minor feature: This release adds some more checks to make sure, but v2.0 is the real deal. It adds send+receive and automates much of your work.